This is purely pandering to the crowd at E3.

They’re going to say “We’re Eagle Dynamics, SA!” and the crowd is going to say, “Word, homies!” (please note if you’re not familiar with Cali culture this may go over your head)

In a similar vein: “My teacher told me to turn in my essay…but I ain’t no snitch!”


I’ve just returned from an emergency meeting of the Council of Hip Millennials. I deliver our joint communique:



Is that a bad thing though?

Might be nice if the Hornet were flashy and awesome enough to rekindle some mainstream interest in the genre. Imagine what a flight sim could do with 1/10th of a big league AAA team’s budget.


Isn’t “Pandering” one of the primary words in the mission statement of E3?


Well I’m confused. As @Tankerwade said, I thought E3 was all about pandering. Plus: would it suck to get some media exposure outside the community?


Of course I’m excited about the F-18… but the trailer music really shifted it up a notch


**Hold on Tight!!!
https://www.facebook.com/glowingproductions/videos/1576686802375424/ **


Some nice art, visitors can get some actual stick time on the hornet at E3!

that must mean it’s kinda close


I hope, fervently. But Expectations lead to entitlement, entitlement leads to resentment, resentment leads to the Dark Side of the hype.

It’ll release when it releases

and it better release in 2017…


Goood. Good. Let your expectations flow through you…


my body is ready.


I’m not Worthy!!! …but I’m a WIP :grin:


Do I spy AIM-9X’s on the wingtips in the video?


Wish I was anywhere close to E3!

Instead I will just have to wait. Patiently. As patiently as I can manage :slight_smile:


Also, so how are we gonna, you know, get footage of this booth?

Maybe @BeachAV8R can talk his way in.


I’m not sure the point of the E3 Thrustmaster booth “reveal”. We all already know DCS F-18 is in production, its been in production for a long time. Unless they announce an early access release at E3, it would be considered anti-climatic for me. I’m assuming thrustmaster will want show off an F-18 HOTAS as well? Believe me I’m excited for the F-18 like everyone else, but I’m not feeling the E3 hype. I noticed they are joining Flight Sim World and ELITE:Dangerous in the booth as well.

I guess when I first heard DCS:F-18 to be revealed at E3 I imagined Wags being on the main stage doing some massive reveal, finally mainstreaming flight simming in the 21st century. Instead we are getting a monitor setup at the joystick booth.


First of all, We aren’t getting anything. The people who go to E3 are getting to see a display of the F-18. Among the people who go to E3 are a large number of games journalists. They can demo the F-18 at the booth, and get this, write about it for their publication! Thats’s how E3 works.

Second of all, I am not sure what you are not feeling. Should ED just stay in Russia and not try to sell their product, content in the knowledge that you at least will buy it? I am not sure what your expectations are - A much bigger booth with showgirls, or no appearance at all to keep it niche?


I think that you are confusing ED and Thrustmaster with Activision. There are a lot of really interesting presentations in the side galleries and auditoriums, and a lot of business going on behind closed doors, especially in a niche market like flight simulation. I haven’t been to E3 since the WARTHOG/DCS A-10C rollout, but I bet that this year would be a lot of fun for any MUDSPIKEr.


Throttle back, boss. First off, its a Swiss company now. :wink: My point was that the overwhelming majority of individuals who actually give a (don’t miss this) flying ■■■■ about DCS F-18, will not be at E3, or even be able to get in. I was imagining a mainstage reveal, live stream, etc where DCS would be introduced to the mainstream. Key word there imagining. With that not happening, outside of an early access announcement, I’m not fired up over it. As you said journalists can write about playing it, seeing it, etc, but again, which audience would read/see said FLIGHT SIM JOURNALISTS articles? The same people who are on mudspike and already know about DCS.

This was merely a post of my own thoughts on DCS F18 being at E3. Similiar to the plot of most Steven Segal movies, don’t read too much into it.


Just please don’t let this happen again. We’ll get pictures of a dude playing DCS F-18 in a closet.