You are correct Gunny. Simulation makes up about, I don’t know, maybe 10-15% of the console/pc market. The deal with E3, it’s such a big show that it takes 3 days to see everything that you want to, even if you attempt to stay on schedule with your meetings. And so even though sims are not a big part of it, there is plenty to dive into for the educated sim journalist or enthusiast. The displays and presentations just take a little more work to locate. But they are there and a lot of fun. Meeting the vendors and devs is a big treat as well.


If I were that dude in 2014 and I was lucky enough to have a VR headset, I wouldn’t care if it were in a trailer in the parking lot. It’s all relative. Consider that you are a gypsy jazz fan and you own every Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli album that was ever pressed in vinyl. You are never going to have a Lady Gaga concert experience.


It’s probably a lot smaller than that :slight_smile: Expressed in dollars that would equate to a yearly revenue of $8,6 billion for the simming genre, nearly a fifth of the entire mobile market. I think it’s great the Hornet is going to E3. The last DCS product that had decent coverage in the mainstream media was the A-10C warthog. I think we’ll have to live with the fact that our flight sims featuring dozens of steps just to start her up will probably never be mainstream again.

I agree we shouldn’t get overhyped, but it will be the first time we’ll be seeing moving images of the F/A-18.


I know its old but I just remembered it lol


I mean, he has it already right?


To cash the checks your ego is writing?


I would caution that the E3 ‘announcement’ is not meant primarily* for us, not for the immediate DCS community, which I think was what @Tankerwade was getting at. We all know that DCS F-18C is coming, there is no surprise there, the hype is already relatively high, and there is likely not much for us (the community) to expect from the appearance at E3. Some things, announcements, attendance, etc are not meant for us.

*There could be a surprise or two, new Thrustmaster hardware or F-18C beta/release announcement but let’s not get our expectations too high.


I think we can all agree that there will be some nice screenshots at the very least. If there is a video of a cat launch I would be satisfied.


I’m just a retail consumer like everyone else. And just as excited for the Hornet and Harrier.




Saltin’ Peppa - Now in one shaker! LoooooL





I know, I know.

I only jest.


That’s a beautiful pic @SiThSpAwN, thanks for the link! That’s one detailed model + skin!


Well I’m satisfied. Good day everyone.


I’ll be in my bunk.


:+1:t2: I wasn’t trying to be smart or anything…unlike in the past though, I have no access to any inside baseball anymore. I decided it was better to be a Normal Joe so that my motives/opinions would never be called into question. So I’ll get the Hornet when you guys do…and I definitely am excited about it…



I respect that. Hard to stay objective and honest when you are an “insider”. Dare speak out against anything on some forums and you get United Airlined.


That’s the shame of it though…it’s not hard to stay that way. I’ve always written reviews with what I feel is fair proportionality…the article should give a fair balance of what you like and don’t like. ED makes great stuff…so it’s pretty easy to be positive and truthful. Someone who has an axe to grind would obviously write a completely different article…but the community usually takes the temperature of the collective user base…and they always get it right.