I’ve never found Beach to be swayed by his access (when he had it), in fact we have butt heads a few times, so I dont see him as being all that biased. I think that’s a pretty common misconception though, that ED has so much power they can control the internet…


Merely stating that in some forums, the guys with inside access turn into the hype machine, stoking the fan boy flames. The 2.1 lighting comes to mind. All of the “insider videos” never addressed a single issue, despite there being many glaring problems (see what I did there?) The rose colored glasses effect.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, I’m merely a consumer who is pleasantly unemployed through the summer, with plenty of time for gaming.


@BeachAV8R has been in the pocket of Big Sim for ever. Everyone knows that… :wink:

Back on topic: is buddy tanking for the F-18 going to be a thing? Is there any mention of that?


Actually a number of performance issues came with a build right before release to Open Alpha, so perhaps you were blinded by the light(ing changes), (see what I did there). I know when I made my vids, performance wasnt an issue. The brightness of the lighting was known, and has already been addressed for I believe the next patch. etc etc… its not always a case of fan boys and hype machine (sometimes its just the negative Nancy’s looking for any stumble they can find)… in any case its an early access Alpha release, just some people forget that means things are not always at 100%.


Not sure if I should start to take offense to that or not.

A few of us did have access to the early release of DCS World 2.1 and Normandy and produced videos intended to showcase the new features that were coming in that version. I am not sure if you are snidely referring to those videos or not but you coming across that way. There is a difference between being a ‘fan boy’ and being unwilling to dip in to the negativity pool for the sake of being negative.

Like @BeachAV8R says, being independent and free to be critical while staying supportive and positive is, as I see it, on of the key features of this site.

Honesty and integrity is important.


I have not heard. I will poke around and see if that is open info or still up in the air.


Depends on what you mean. Currently we don’t really have any aircraft that can buddy tank except the S-3, and that’s a special case. The F/A-18 itself is probably capable of physically mounting the proper pods, but to give away fuel implies you have any excess to begin with, which the F/A-18A/B/C/D simply does not.


Yeah, I have only seen the Super Hornets doing it…


Don’t be so sensitive guys, nothing directed at anyone in particular. Just my own opinion, which is just as worthless as everyone else’s in this social media age.

Buddy tanking? Sounds legit. F-18 tanking a F-14? Threeway!!!


This does. :kissing_heart:


IMHO, although there are a number of members around here who miraculously end up being on the early access list, I have never found them to be fanboys. Even the vendors, for the most part, tend to be somewhat restrained. That is they tend to not beat their chest, but rather encourage a positive review and be silent when hearing the negative.

The key to that is integraty in reporting.

Case in point, take Fox News and CNN on opposite ends of an agenda, who believe that their consumers as having blinders on. I don’t trust either one of them as a whole. When someone spends 80% of their (my) time trying to get the same point across, I become skeptical.

On the other hand, whining for the sake of satisfying ones need to ■■■■■ is refreshingly not tolerated at MUDSPIKE.

Happily, I have my priorities in sharp focus this Friday after a long work week. Cheers.


It does indeed, and if I want to use my imagination and provide fuel whilst employing TFR…isn’t that what sims are all about??..I’m with Bogus, bring on the pig!


I could go for one of those, I assume that’s local?


Yeah. We ran some pilot brews this week and I was lucky enough to get a growler of what I hope will be our IPA. It’s probably too hoppy for the masses, but dayyyam is it good. <- shameless plug. Soft opening 7/1 for friends and family is the plan. Public to follow as we get up to speed.

About that F/A-18C… Is it the version that got an a2a kill on the way to a target in GW1?


Same model, but a block ten years newer, so all that and a bag of chips. Ours should have a much better TGP, Radar, JHMCS, AIM-120, and AIM-9X, JDAM, also GPS.


And when it comes time to control the interwebz…

Me BEFORE I Quit Caffeine:

Me AFTER I Quit Caffeine:


There’s no such thing.


I’m just happy to be back home after a week in “the box”…, Time to enjoy a beer and play some games…


Right? I have drank some beers that were downright chewy.


I like my beer like I like my exes- complex and bitter.