This is where baby planes come from


That’s where skid marks in my undies would come from… :scream_cat:


lol, fine I’ll be the one to say it,
the timing on the roll was horrendous, lol.


Can’t even do a good roll these days


Anyone else notice the F/A-18 has new engine sounds as of the latest 2.1 patch?


Post up a vid



I really have waited for this for a long time… I hope comes before the P-40 ha ha ha


That’s because CNN and FNN and MSNBC aren’t there to inform, they’re there to reinforce.

People are going to their channel/site with preformed opinions and all they want is to see/read things that confirm that their worldview is correct. They can’t stand to have their beliefs challenged. They want the illusion of being open-minded while secretly wanting to wall themselves up in their ideology like an old blanket fort the adults can’t come into.

So people who dislike DCS don’t want any positive news more than glossed over while every flaw must be erected, inspected, and dissected to the nth degree. If there’s an fps problem, and the preview says “there are some fps issues in the beta currently”, they want 17 graphs and videos and full-page ads in the NYT about them, not one phrase. They consider it shilling for ED by making it look like something people might actually want to buy.

Conversely, the “fanboi” crowd only wants drool and hype and rainbows and unicorns with any legitimate criticism being banished and worthy of crucifixion. That same preview would be slammed for its single “fps issues” comment because “it’s a BETA!” and “still WIP!” and “you have an axe to grind!” and similar nonsense.

Quite simply we live in a world now where the center is considered the domain of the weak and unprincipled, and extreme opinions are the only ones worth having. Everyone wants everyone else, and everything, to fit under neat labels. Whatever your opinion is, it better conform to their preconceived notions or they can’t comprehend it. Tell someone you want a strong military and support gay marriage and watch their heads explode.


Yeah, it seems there cannot be middle ground between a fanboi and a hater. I don’t want to be either.

I’ll quote some guy in the US I read about, a guy called Tromp or so: “Sad.”


Couldn’t have said it better JM.


If you’re doing it, it’s clearly not impossible :smile:

Jedi nailed it on the head, but I’d also argue a big part of it is that “moderate” is relative. I’d wager a sizeable proportion of people that come off as being on either end of the hater-fanboi spectrum consider their position centrist, reasonable, and rational.

Personally I try not to dwell so much on the fact disagreements exist, but rather how they are expressed. Healthy, respectful discussion of disagreement helps people understand one another, helps refine their own beliefs, and might just sway the others opinions. That only works if everyone extends respect and the benefit of the doubt to one another. Otherwise sides form, people are reduced to the most convenient straw men and every thread becomes one side rattling off their grievances to deaf ears of the other, back and forth until the death of the forums.


But! Mah Rights!


“Dan odda dan” (cit.)


While not a Charlie, here’s one of our virtual squad mates (and real world drivers) doing a CASE II arrival in the Echo.


I don’t know how to reply to the latest posts…


Well, perhaps I am doing a sinus wave between the two without realizing it. Most of the time I am closer to the fanboy extreme though, I just lack the destructivism to be a real hater. :slight_smile:


That just shows how dynamic that type of flying is…I mean…have any of us (in any sim) used a throttle like that (like your life depends on it)…? Awesome stuff…


Does putting it on the boat in a sim count?


I definitely did. During aerial refueling before I actually became good at that. :smile: