In fact I remember having cramps in my arms and shoulders and neck after two hours of trying to fit that damn basket (Su33 in FC1 I think), also headache and dry eyes.

…good days. :slight_smile:


Yeah fantastic video. Really good to see a number of things, especially the relationship to the boat at different phases of the pattern.


Pretty sweet way to make a living.


While you guys debate the slings and arrows of product releases, I’ve been (not so quietly) getting in a naval aviator state of mind…

Just wish that they would have put a tailhook on this darn thing. Beefier gear too.


Haha. i know that guy.


Highlander Fight? Highlander Fight. There can be only one.

Also the more I watch that, the more I wonder if the FCS behaving properly makes that much of a difference staying on speed, or if I’m just that ■■■■ at it. Either way, J’accuse VRS.


LOL, when I first saw that picture I thought “That Texan is HUGE, where did that monster come from and how did it get on that carrier??”

Paintings don’t usually have depth of field and that led to a bit of an eye-twister here. :slight_smile:


Ha! Yeah, after I took that screenshot in P3Dv4, I took @BeachAV8R’s advice to turn down the bloom in HDR to remove some of the Norman Rockwell effect.


the Canopy by Oakley…


The E-3 setup

nice set-up, but no tally on any sort of stick



As an employee of an airline similar to, if not exactly the same as, the airline to which you make reference, might I suggest “Republic Airlined”? NO United employees were involved in the incident which I am assuming you are referring.


That screen certainly says THRUSTMASTER HOTAS WARTHOG INSTALLATION TOOL. Wonder if that only applies to the throttle, or if it’s the mythied stick swap in.


exactly what I ment :slight_smile: the throttle is clearly visible, but the stick has subtly been hidden from view.



Let the Zapruder film analysis commence!


Ya’ know what’d be amazing? If they show an F-111.


And there we have it. Beach mentions the F-111, which was flown by Australia. Australia has beaches. Aardvark Illuminati confirmed.



Honestly I’d be more amazed if it was an Intruder.
You get it? An Intruder intruding its intruding way into the E3.

Basically perfect.


ED will then set this up at E3