Here she is!

edit: looks like the stream crapped out. hopefully we’ll see her fly for real soon


that stick in the background looks a lot more curved than my warthog!


Photo From Wags:


@SkateZilla (and Wags) with the scoop!


Here she is flying! (for only a few minutes again, with some nice close-ups of the stick)


1000x YES!


See’s new stick

From now on…


MOD-Edit: Hate to be an negative nanny here but I don’t feel comfortable about using photos of users in this manner. I appreciate the hype but I’d like us to stick to memes (gah, did I just say that?)

I couldn’t resist!


Stores is on the left DDI, HUD repeater is on the right. Saw CCIP for rockets and guns, and the un-locked funnel for A/A guns. Quality isn’t really good enough to make out what’s going on with the MPCD.

Note to ED: I understand it’s thrustmaster’s booth, but could we get some semi-official footage that is not a cellphone video of a VR mirror? It’s like trying to watch :jenneke: on a 9’’ CRT.

EDIT: Updated description on Youtube

-The module was running on DCS 2.2 and had wonderful HUD and Canopy glass. HUD was bright and visible.
-SFX for the Hornet uses all new SFX.

  • MFCD functionality was very limited as those portions are very much a work in progress.
    -Flight model was solid and felt like a mix between the F-15C and the Su-27. Unknown if the flight model is still a big work in progress.
  • Other demo players used rockets, aim-9s, aim-7s and guns.
  • Did not see any usage of BVR systems, remember this is a very simple demo for E3 attendees who are not really into flight sims.
    -Wags said I can do carrier stuff tomorrow so please stay tuned for that!


I can make out michelle fine.


I thought we would be getting sort of a teaser trailer? … or is that something I imagined?


If you’re talking about the Glowing Amraam video, that will probably come out with the purchase marketing. So probably not until early-mid 2018.


Probably what I’m thinking of, I’ve only been able to give this so much attention lol


Definitely excited for the Hornet stick. Hopefully later on we’ll be able to purchase the throttle separately as well.

A little underwhelmed by the footage so far, it’s definitely a pretty cockpit in game but doesn’t show much other than that yes, it flies, has a stores page, and a hud repeater.

BUT - I’m certainly not passing judgement and I’m hoping there’s still more to come, including some official demo footage instead of just cam of someone flying around in max A/B forever.


Well, F/A-18C is going to have ‘a full pack’ of complex features needed for other modern jets - AG radar, JHMCS, Link 4/16, HUD repeater, automatic landing, AA radar + long range missiles, 3 displays in the cockpit (one with different rendering method), 2 mission computers, Digital FCS, supersonic flight, arrested landings, HARM, Walleye, JDAM/JSOW, etc… So, yes new compex products will be done faster after F/A-18C.


Statement of scope by the ED Hornet dev most attuned to forum fu. Supposedly the Carrier will be demo’d tomorrow

I cannot stress enough how welcome full resolution footage or stills of the product would be for we plebs not able to attend. Grainy cell phone footage of 1/2 a VR screen isn’t exactly satisfying here at home.



I’m wondering if some units (i.e. E-3) could act as a gateway for Link-16 and SADL, allowing hornets and warthogs to work together.


Clearly we need Global Hawk.

Last time I checked the F/A-18 and A-10 in game could to to each other over DL. I know it’s unrealistic, but I wonder if that will be removed?


Nah, we just need to know where all targets are at all times. As long as we have that, the rest takes care of itself.


I have a feeling the Friday update is gonna be good.