No that wouldn’t be good. It would be immeasurably colossal.

To describe it as a sandwich it would go something like this
:jenneke: me :jenneke:


Just out of curiosity @Bogusheadbox: what would you talk about in these forums if an F-111 was realsased for DCS? ANZAC frigates?


it would open the door for even more F-111 Discussions


There would be no further need for words


even if you were insider in the past I never had that feeling from your articles. It was always clear from it what you like and what you dislike. And you were never poser I would say.
It is enough obvious e.g. from your articles about Red Flag campaign for A-10 and the comments regarding the possibility you previewing F-15 campaign :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!

Regarding the F-18… I realized this past weekend I will have to buy it this time.

I just realized that my virtual hangar doesnt contain any of the great F-18 simulations that I was exited about - F-18 3.0… F-18 Korea… Jane’s F-18… F-18 Super Hornet… VRS Super Bug…
And I have to mention also that I have no interest in the F-14 :smirk:

Its time for F-18 I guess.


That’s quite alright, the world is always in need of more targets.

From Wags:

Hi guys,

About an hour until day two starts.

For those souls brave enough, we will offer a trap mission today.

After I get back this weekend, I’ll post a video of one of the demo missions.



All in all, I’m pretty underwhelmed so far. I would have expected some sort of official press release from TM, ED, or both. What we’ve gotten is… meh. The new stick looks cool, and the hornet looks neat (I guess? hard to pick out details).


Yep, that would be great scenario - IIAF F-14s vs USN F-18s :sunglasses:

I still hope that to be RIO I will not have to buy it :smile:

…or will we only see ED push out a “complex” product every 3-5 years?

I really like these guys with enough spare time to learn the complex product and enjoy it in shorter time period than 3-5 years :innocent:


I’ve deduced very scientifically why ED has not exploited this hype extravaganza of E3 with more direct marketing stuff:

  1. They didn’t want to promise a livestream of wags trapping on the deck or something, and then have it derailed by unforeseen technical difficulties of setting something like that up on a convention floor.

  2. The Hornet is too far away from release to go all in on advertising it, and they don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too early on hyping it up.


I’m sure you know what happens when you assume…

That said a livestream is wholly unnecessary. A brochure of pictures showing off the cockpit, which we largely have not seen in it’s current form with some flowery text would suffice.

The line on the ED forums is that the demo is for E3, and they’ll release stuff for general consumption later, but this seems to be a critical misunderstanding of what E3 is: a forum to hype people about upcoming products. Why pass up a concentration of journalists and fans? It seems oddly self defeating.


I’m with you. ED forums are getting interesting, seen a couple “posting rights suspended” over this.

I think the thunderbirds are supposed to give us another cell phone vid today…

F-18 at E3 like:



That is one well timed freeze frame of the vid…lol

Should make a bubble txt contest with it.


That was a good interview. And she was fishing for a release date for us :slight_smile:


While we wait for some carrier action, I made a solid 3 wire trap in x-plane.



Wow…check out that retracting wire. I’m sure the VR filmed perspective threw if off…but both of those approaches looked shallow to me…but what the heck do I know. Cool video…


Wow! I think both were shallow, too. I trust @near_blind to give us a good breakdown :slight_smile:


From what I could tell there was a boat or three, something that looked like a hornet. AoA indexer indicated on on speed for both approaches, but slow at the end. I can’t really make out the hud ladder, but the pilot was way shallow both times, and the second attempt would have been a wave off for sure, they nearly put it in the spud locker. I couldn’t really pick out enough details to note if that was a new model, or the old Vinson in the deferred shading. Either way I wasn’t able to pick out anything that looked like a working FLOLS.

That wire looked nice, I guess?

VR filmed perspectives suuuuuck.


That’s not Felicia Day…


In fact, there is literally an infinite number of people that is not.