Nowadays that’s the jet shop, and the weather guessers have a tiny office back there, for when they do things with weather balloons off the fantail.


Today’s forecast: Brief aluminum overcast followed by a drizzle of jet fuel, with temperatures rapidly rising afterwards. Air quality alerts will be in effect.’


is AG Radar Working yet?

Not yet


Yes, the AG radar picture itself works. It is not integrated into F/A-18 displays yet.



Someone discovered the Print Scr button!


that wasnt taken while running in VR…


That’s true … but I don’t think it was implied to have been taken while in VR. A few of us are a little hungry for details outside the E3 setting :slight_smile:


Um, I declare unread posts bankruptcy on this topic. Did the DCS F/A-18C get demo’d to @Panther then? Hey @Panther, what was it like? :wink:


Panther was working the Thrustmaster Booth, where DCS F/A-18C was being Demo’d


Where is that button on the Hornet, BTW? Hidden under menu layers on a MFD, or is it on the HOTAS?



Castle switch up long.


I was going to say recce action button



That’s a fairly compelling picture.



Am I the Only One estatic about polarized canopy glass? lol


Panther has the first Public/Non ED Employee Carrier Trap w/ DCS F/A-18C and the New Carrier I believe.


For comparison sake, could someone post an unfairly compelling picture? I want to contrast the two.


@fearlessfrog Hey!

So yes I got to play this thing called DCS F/A-18C Hornet, it was amazing. :smiley: Since no one was brave enough to tackle the Carrier Ops, I decided to attempt it. I haven’t landed on a carrier since Janes Fighter Collection in the mid 90s. So let that sink in for a minute. With some coaching from Wags, I tried my best to not crash and embarrass myself on a live stream. I wasn’t happy with either approach, however I knew we were limited on time since the show floor was officially closed. Security likes to usher people out quickly too. So the second attempt was the one I put it down, which was the 1 wire. Overall I was extremely happy to be the first person to attempt it that wasn’t an ED employee.


I thought you did brilliantly, and especially on a live stream. I would have nose planted that puppy right in the anchor chains with everyone watching :slight_smile:

Thank you for streaming from the show - you made a lot of DCS fans happy with that footage.


I wouldnt really call her the public since they’re sponsored by TM and she was working the booth. :wink:
Kind of a celeb.


Not bad for two decades without practice!

What was your impression of the aircraft’s handling while behind the boat? My understanding is the fly by wire is supposed to keep the jet trimmed for on speed with the gear down, and most other Hornet sims seem to neglect that. Despite any rust that might have existed, you seemed pretty consistently on speed through both approaches. How was the engine response when low and slow? I’d like to know for, uh… reasons?