OMG!!! I am excited as can be! At long last the Gods smile down on us. Its finally time for the Hornet. I can see this happening before the end of the year. I cant believe we will have a Tomcat, a Hornet and a Harrier soon. Im an old Army guy but… GO NAVY! The future is bright.
The external model looks great as does the pit. Well, I hope I have the time to invest into what will be a very time consuming manual… YAY!



The first video not shot from 6 feet away on a potato.
I wanna see more ground radar…


That is one beautiful cockpit. :star2:


just give me that TGP on that MFD ! :smiley:


Sounds like it may be end of 2017 early 2018 release to public.


Yep, it really depends on how many of the systems they have working outside the pit and how the pit integration goes.

I’d wager perhaps AV-8B, then F/A-18C and then perhaps F-14A/A+ release order, just talking out my exhaust though.:boom:


I don’t mind which order they come out in, all I mind is Dibs on Mudspike Press Copy


That pit sure is purdy.


The colors ‘pop’ quite a bit, looks nice. I wonder if this is the new 2.2 gamma slider in action?


i did like the very polished looks of the HUD i mean like the material it self :slight_smile:


I used to think the Hornet 3.0 intro was cool…


Some of the Hornet E3 press videos are now coming out. Looks nice, plus I’m sure we’re all fans of MagzTV for our Exclusive DCS news :slight_smile:


Beach was reached out to for an exclusive video but there has been no response


He goes on vacation a lot. :slight_smile: (He’s away on vacation this weekend again, Father’s Day (according to my kids, ssh, I’m playing DCS)).

It would be great to see still though, the more DCS F/A-18C the better. It’s looking fantastic so far.


LEGIT! You can totally send it to me. All of it. Whatever it is.
I know @BeachAV8R.

I’m, like, his father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate. :smiley:


For videos the YouTube ad revenue could make you rich @komemiute - remember your friends when on that Caribbean island ok? :wink:


I sure will!
I will try really hard to remember all of your silly names! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Carrier Launch and Recovery Video… lol…


A launch yes, but I’d put $5 on it not being a recovery… :wink: