That makes you absolutely nothing in relation to him!


Which is what you’re about to become!




Yeah…for once I actually DID find a place with almost no cell or internet signal…deep in a rail valley south of Saluda, NC is where you will find EMCON…! In a cabin with no internet, phone, or cell…it was bizzaro world…!

Just drove up to the “rim” of the valley and drove home today and my phone went nuts with text messages and e-mails… Apologies for missing some messages…


Hey, if you find a book lined with human skin DO NOT READ IT!
And if you read it it’s Klaatu, Barada, Nikto.


And keep your chainsaw handy.

Were you on the Henderson side?




“To Serve Man” it was called.

…but it was a cookbook!!


You’re either into 60s classics or really old. :smiley:



Very Happy Wags will be doing a “System by System” video series on the Hornet,I remember when the Black Shark was coming to DCS and Matt used this approach,It was great getting a video once a week or two and getting to know the aircraft before release.I’m Excited!!:slightly_smiling_face:


Well, let’s be honest, the Hornet is really the 3rd flagship from ED, so it makes sense.

While they’ve released other planes since the A-10C, they’ve either been the FC planes or simpler planes (as in less sophisticated) that haven’t really showcased what level of system modeling can be done.

The Ka-50 to A-10C gap was perfectly fine, I think the A-10C to Hornet gap has been a bit…long.


I know how I will be with the F-18 if it is released on its own. I will learn to start, launch from the boat, do a couple of traps and be bored after an hour. It’s just a plane. What I am looking forward to is the game to play it in.


I dunno man…I can see flying the Hornet in multi-player just around the carrier is going to be awesome fun. I mean, just imagine trapping, taxiing clear of the landing area…and parking to watch the other four or five guys you’re flying with come aboard (or try…). I think there are going to be a lot of funny videos. It should be pretty interesting in bad weather, pitching deck, and low fuel state (I can’t remember if we are getting any kind of buddy tanking).

But yeah…I am interested in the gameplay too…with regards to what kind of campaign(s) we will see. I haven’t had a chance to dip my toe into the whole Blue Flag thing yet (I’ve heard it is awesome)…so getting that running in a Hormuz type map will be really cool.

And we’ll all wish upon a falling star for an eventual dynamic campaign engine of course…


Admittedly I haven’t playedin a while on Mudspike’s DCS servers but what’s really needed is a mission (actually missionS) with logical objectives, clear and exhaustive briefing and a coherent environment.
Most missions I’ve otherwise played so far are a simple sky-meargrinder where subsequent waves of nearly suicidal sorties wear out enough enemy forces to finally get to the objective.

One thing Falcon 4.0 still owns above other Mil-Sims is exactly what that.


Making a MP Mission “Too hard”, deters Users from playing it through.
At least on open public servers, on private servers We’ve had a single mission run for what felt like DAYS, and of course DCS Crashed before it was completed), but the amount of objectives was crazy, it was not a single flight mission either, ie once a flight’s mission was done, Users would then exit that Aircraft and get into another and follow the flight plan for that flight and complete objectives for that flight, opening up another flight to fly after landing.

The Problem, is New Users/Steam Users think DCS is a “Game” like “Ace Combat”

And expect the level of Difficulty and Price of Modules to be aligned to that (ie they want A-10C to be $1.99 etc etc “$19.99 is too expensive”. Then they complain it’s “TOO HARD”.

Where as BMS Players already know the deal, it’s a Study Sim…



I think what DCS needs is a greater diversity of “self contained” missions, which multirole craft like the Falcon and Hornet do exceptionally well. Something that lets you take off with a buddy or 3, enter an area of operations, evade a threat, shoot down a bandit, accomplish something, come back and land.

They’re great for building proficiency and confidence so you can participate eventually in those big, sweeping operations.


I am having a wonderful time with the F-18C and the AV8B. Granted, the sim that gives me a taste of these machines is an ancient F-16 sim. The non-Falcon machines are convincing enough for my taste because the combat environment and the overall universe make for a lifetime of playability even when the systems are just repainted from the viper.

Because BuddySpike and other total-air-war-type servers somewhat emulate that universe when enough players show up, DCS can still exist as a game as well is a study sim. I just wish that a space existed in the sim between sandboxing and joining a server. They have always shown zero interest (at best) and scorn (at worst) for any longing for that dynamic game space.

But I will share Beach’s enthusism for the prospect of getting together to practice night traps and co-ops.


OK. That came across too negative. Plus I’ve made that identical post at least a dozen times since Black Shark. Normandy is a stunning achievement and I poked fun at it too until I flew around the villages, valleys and hedges and gained a new appreciation of what ED can do. Its all good.


The aircraft campaigns? @MBot’s dynamic campaign generators?