Sorry, I had my mind locked on video for today :slight_smile:

I am not sure who does that, Ill see if I can find out.

Have you ever tried a site called www.whatthefont.com though, use it all the time


Been a busy day, NHL free agency and New Hornet Vid :slight_smile:


Thank you! :smiley:


That’s not the Caucasus… :thinking:


Indeed it is not



lots of sand… Planet Arrakis ?

Where’s the worms?


A lot of skyscrapers, never saw so many in Nevada…:wink:

The air-to-air missiles, direct on the fuselage, are this AIM-7?


Looks like Sparrows. Damn, it does looks good.


Hmmm. That sand is a lot darker brown than I remember it being when I flew over that exact spot…


You know I have been studying a lot of Dubai aerial view photography pics. While I know post processing and filters probably applied, they almost uniformly do depict a lighter shade of sand than is current in the SoH map per these shots. Something to be tweaked no doubt.

Amazing though. Cannot wait to fly around it.


The very looooong shadows tells us that the sun is just over the horizon. I guess the sand will be brighter at noon.



On The Tube Now…


I need to change my pants now…


It is looking mighty impressive.


Day two purchase for me (day one will involve a very indepth scheme as to why the wife’s husband has disappeared and the man cave is locked from the inside.). oh i have to pick up from the pet store one of those automatic feeders for the kids and an industrial sized box of Berocca.


Just watched that video.

Wags, just take my money. Now!


Because Stalking > Sleeping

Are you guys working on the ATFLIR at the moment?

Not yet. Regarding sensors, the radar is in progress now.


What about the ATFLIR, do you seen a chance of having it during the early access? I am really excited about that one

Sorry, but no ATFLIR, otherwise it will turn into ‘late access’.


what about Jdams? will those be part of early access or only unguided Air to ground weaponry at first?

Yes, unguided AG munitions and AA missiles at first of course. JDAM (or any other IAM) is not planned for the early access.


How long does a system like INS take to complete? Is this just something that hasn’t really been started yet because other systems need to go in first? Just wondering if this is something that takes weeks or months to complete.

No, it was started and actually is already functioning as pos/vel data provider to other systems, but it does not have alignment/testing functionality yet. As alignment is an essential part of an INS, I account this system as being ‘far from completion’.



Kind of disappointed, honestly. I’ll refrain from speaking more because the walls have ears.