Complex modules are complex. I will be happy to get access to the F-18C as soon as it is available for me to purchase.


After watching the trap in the video I think the BMS Hornet might not be all that far off. It’s at least a plausible place to practice circuits around the boat so that you can impress your friends once DCS: Bug gets its first public release.


You never know when they will decide its good for early release. In those above posts, apparently unguided simple munitions will be available at release, and then the fancy stuff rolled in. In my opinion, that would put it very close to release, given that we’ve seen it fire unguided munitions and takeoff/fly/land. Its kind of a weird situation because if its going to be released minus a bunch of features, where do they draw the line on enough features to make it release ready? I would imagine the majority of buyers would purchase it even if it was only in the E3 demo state, if it was released today.

I think ED would be wise to start allowing the sale of closed alpha keys, maybe paired with a map pre-purchase. For example, buy Normandy, get access to closed alpha F-18 key. Lots of developers do things like this, e.g. Buy Battlefield 4 Premium, get closed beta access to Battlefield 1. Then when the public version is released you have to buy the module like everyone else.


If this is pre-alpha, what do they call the stage other devs use for pre-alpha? Pre-pre-alpha? Post-omega, has it wrapped around to the back?

I mean, look at those early pics for the F-14 or Harrier modules. THOSE I call pre-alpha. This may not be a beta yet (because technically beta means “feature complete but needs bug testing/optimizations/etc” and if there’s not even a radar finished let alone ATFLIR it can’t be) but it certainly looks like it’s just as ready as Nevada, which is an alpha.


I for one know I could keep myself thoroughly entertained for couple of months learning carrier ops, dropping dumb bombs, and looking cool, while the fancier toys are still being fleshed out. You know, learning how to drive a stick in mom’s old Civic before taking out dad’s Audi with the fancy
navigation, stereo, and automated bells and whistles.


The F-14 that is currently made entirely of placeholder textures and models and for which we’ve seen exactly one working sensor: the HUD, or the Harrier that has shown us delivery of dumb bombs and various sensors in states of half finish? They all look pretty pre-alpha to me.

Personally I’m a little surprised they’re not further along, but a few months of research into the Hornet’s systems have shown me the jet is nothing if not complex. I’m just happy that Olgerd is sharing so much with us.


Pretty much this- there’s worse things than buying an F/A-18A module that morphs into an F/A-18C module over time. :grinning:



I’m torn because I’m excited about the idea of an earlier release but lacking the ATFLIR and precision a/g weapons is disappointing.

Especially considering some of the weapons, like the GBU-38 for instance, are already well modeled given they’re essential to the A-10C. It seems like all that it would take is doing the DDI displays and interface for sending data to the weapon. You’d need to model the In Zone and In Range LAR computation so that could potentially be time consuming there. It’s too bad because even without the FLIR, you could do strict bomb on coordinate from a waypoint or generate your own using the radar.

BUT, I’ll be happy to get basically a fighter configured Hornet with more features to come. I just hope the early access doesn’t get dragged out too much.


The detail is amazing. That’s the view from the external model into the cockpit.


Holy crap. Hopefully the open alpha isn’t before I can get that new video card.


Id say you have at least 6 months.


what should be the new helmet? something like this maybe?


Well that is a picture of a JHMCS…


Probably more like this hansom dude with his DASH:


Sexy sexy hornet pit with bonus 2.5



The cockpit looks really detailed. Can’t wait for the next videos.


I Really Love that “Slightly Used” [email protected]@K of that cockpit,Cheers to the modelers for that!!


now available in fabulous 4k