4K makes everything Better…

Would Rather have it in SBS Stereo VR :slight_smile:


I’d prefer an actual F/A-18, ball’s in your court Thrustmaster/Boeing.


Kate. Upton. Cya everyone.


My worry with this module is that it will probably turn the sim into DCS: F/A-18C simulator.

What I mean is, everyone and his dog will be flying it and it will be a pain trying to get a group together flying something else. I found this was the case with the A-10C. Every time I got some people together to fly online, we ended up in the A-10C, even though I started the groups to fly other aircraft.

Why? Well, first because they wanted to learn it, and not being a foreign aircraft (even though other group members were from all over Europe) it was easy to read and learn stuff around the cockpit. Secondly, once they had learned it, a) they wanted to apply what they had learned and B) they were basically too lazy to learn something else! And I always gave in and off we flew in our Hogs.

Not saying it wasn’t fun - but I have 20-odd aircraft in my hangar, and I don’t want to fly the same one all the time. So I’m worried the Hornet will become the new Hog. With it being a ‘jack of all trades’ it may be even worse.

So my best course of action is not to buy it - then I can say “we can’t fly that, because I haven’t got it!” :grin:

Think it’ll work?


Nope. This one has been on people’s wish list for far too long. I will get it just to enjoy multiplayer off the boat.


I for one I’m amazed by the Hornet but will not buy it.

If anything I’m all over the Huey. Can’t stop flying that thing. :smiley:
So, yeah… count on me.


Me too, I have settled for the Mirage 2000 as my main ride and love flying the Mi-8.
Looking forward to the Su-33 update though.

The Hornet looks pretty, but I don’t love it enough to invest all the necessary time into it. I’d rather fly a handful of airframes good than keep on relearning the basics of airframes that I just don’t have the time to really learn.


Yeah I agree with the two posts above, especially the little discussed Su33 update. But if I had a nickel for every sim thing I publically committed to not buy, but ultimately did, I could get my current want: the F-5.


I will probably buy it, though - but only if/when it’s on sale.

Of the DCS modules (as opposed to ED/FC3 ones) I have only properly learned two of them - the rest are either half-learned or just the basics. The two are the Ka-50 and A-10C.

I’d like to learn the M2k, F-5E, Viggen and all the helicopters. Then the F-4E and Hind as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hornet? You mean this Carrier Ops trainer until the real Navy fighter arrives? Sure I’ll take it :wink:


(edit). It will suffice until the F111 is released


Cute discussion to fill time. You are ALL buying it.


I’m sticking with the F-5 until the Hornet matures into the full module. Got bit too many times on early alpha.


Day one purchase for chipwich, if only because running NATO carrier ops in P3D is a work-around. Will be so nice not to have to jump through hoops to play on the boat. Doubly since the TacPack, Super Bug, and F-4 S/J are broken in P3Dv4. Sounds like the developer feels that there are significant challenges to getting TacPack working in LocMarts’s latest release.


Carrier ops, harpooons and amraams. Day one buy for me.


I will buy it, that’s for sure. But how much I play the Hornet will greatly depend on if it is released before or after the Tomcat!


Day 1 for me too. Same for the Harrier and Tomcat. I just can’t help myself.


Yeah…Day 1 buy for me too. I probably will never learn all the intricacies of it…but if I can learn to start it, get it around the boat, tank with it…heck…that will be 90% of the fun for me.


Join us on TS. We’ll get you sorted.


I’m sure there will be a crowd on TS the day this is released.