Pardon my ignorance, but has there been a positive answer that carrier ops will be available with the EA release? Is the current Nimitz class configured for cat launches and landings? Or are the preview videos of the updated CV model?


No idea. I’m a bit behind on all the gouge…


There hasn’t been any mention of carrier ops so far, beyond showing you can land the thing.


If memory serves (<- always suspect), Wags mentioned that there will be improved carrier ops with the release of the Hornet, but wasn’t prepared to go into detail in the SideStrafe DCS Q&A. Very much worth a listen if you haven’t made time yet.


Skate wants a Super Hornet…


Well if you get one remember sharing is caring.


Yeah i will buy it. Just so i can start the f111 hype train… you know its what you all really want.


Wait, what have we been doing for the last two years?


Super Bug Hype Train…

Tired of Keeping FSX on my Drive just for SuperBug…

Dont care if it’s a Lot 21 Block I Super Bug… I has to has it…




Also want an F… So I can Fly and my Buddah can Send LGBs to the bad guys…



I think people who don’t know anything about DCS or even own a joystick will have to have the DCS F/A-18. Epic does not begin to cover it. I may take a week off work when its released.


The black sea will be full of the wreckage of f18’s that have missed getting “the ball”:joy:


I’m hoping we’ll also have the tools to create a land based field with all the aids.


I hope to see some great trap fail vids. :slight_smile:


My mind races to Dr.Zebra. He’s a cool guy. :smiley:


you name it Dr zebra will land on it :slightly_smiling_face:


How about the SS Minnow? :wink:


Hornet at OMAM


I am really, really looking forward to flying this lady.