You understand it’s not a CF-1888888888888888888888888888888888, right?


It’s so close it does not matter :canada:


Yes but when simulating the Cannuck Hornet you can only load leaflet cannisters with Lets be friends cards in them.


Don’t forget the AIM-9XReh? Which is programmed to deliver a polite but sternly worded letter asking you to stop directly to the windshield.


AND…it has a huge Maple Leaf sewn on its back. That way when you are flying around European beaches and train stations, nobody will confuse you for an ugly American F/A-18 despite the fact that you look and sound exactly like them.


Surely someone could skin a search light on to the gun door lol




I know of a guy…


Unless you can mount psyops speaker pods under the wings to blast “Blame Canada” it just won’t be right.


I feel as a Canadian I am required to make a statement:



I’m sorry if that was too harsh.


If DCS will let me fly it with the training wheels of a simplified flight model and simplified avionics, I’m in.


Doubt it.


Then, pass. Y’all have fun.



Bloody hell.


Looks complicated.


If you ignore the stuff in green, the red button looks good. I’m going to press that.


looks fun


To quote good old Mower: “I’m ready.”