I’d like to draw attention to a small detail. I shared this with @near_blind already but I think it’s worth bringing up here. On the top right of the MPCD, on the HSI display, is the currently selected waypoint. In this case, it’s Bumpi. Above bumpi is the bearing and range to the point: 086 for 22.5 miles. Bumpi is an intersection in California. Now what’s on the reciprocal of that from Bumpi at 22.5 miles? NAS Lemoore.

Though we can’t see much outside the cockpit, you can see some buildings and runway edge lights. More than I’d expect for a low detail area. Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe it’s a tease. But I’m willing to speculate that we’re getting some surprises.



lol. I was going to be all coy and post a skyvector drawing and attribute it to you. But yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis, FIngers crossed they’ve extend the NTTR to the sea for carrier quals and long range cross mountain Tonopah shenanigans.


I like surprises. ED, do that. :slight_smile:


You should know better than to press a strange button. The results could be…unwanted.


That is some excellent sleuthing!


Yes, brother, present and drooling…hook to steel!


Sorry to interject here eh, but I “seen” one today at YYZ! … complete with leaflet cannister loadoot! :grin:



Actually, dropping JP-5 on someone considering the price of gas recently would be a very generous and Canadian thing to do. :slight_smile:


I can just imagine dropping it on a bunch of Newfies … “Hey buddy, ya dropped yer JP-5!”.


I resemble that remark :slight_smile:

Ow she cuttin dere by’e? (warning, Newfie-speak can be … insensitive … so let’s not turn this into a moderators nightmare :slight_smile: )


I was just reminiscing about a guy I used to work with. He was out in NL driving a “newer” car with the “automagic” headlights. :slight_smile: Whenever he reached his destination at night and got out of the car he heard, “Hey buddy, ya left yer lights on!” :grin: It practically drove him nuts. :slight_smile:


Newfie jokes! They really show how little us southerners understand our friends to the north. Keep 'em coming though. I love being culturally baffled.


Hmmmm (non-DCS) Hornet video… Drool…


Where’s the crayon box in that cockpit?


We upgraded to colored pencils years ago.



Very anticlimactic response from Wags…

  1. Boooooo
  2. That is a really specific place holder referencing a frequently requested addition. Either we’re dealing with a Classic Wags Olgerd Mess Around, or ED reaaaaaallly needs to work on its tonal acuity.


What? I mean you guys want updates, get updates, complain about updates… its russian roulette every time Wags posts lol…


You are not wrong, @SiThSpAwN.