DCS Free Month: Heads Up, Folks!

Oh come on, that campaign isn’t hard will, just fly the numbers!


I flown the other Baltic Dragon’s campaign before (for the F-15C), I have to agree with schurem - it’s way easier. I’m currently on my 9th mission, and the only issue for me was the subtitles for coordinates that you had to enter into your INS dissapeared to quickly, but as I found out active pause (CTRL-LWIN-Pause) is a handy feature in such circumstance as you can operate your avionics while the world is still. Also you have to pay attention on what raido channel you suppose to be.


Sign me up, sounds about the right difficulty level for me!


OK! So maybe I just suck! :open_mouth: There! Are you happy now? I’m just going go sit in the corner and sob myself to sleep. :sob: :sleeping: :rofl:


Picked a nice day for it :joy:

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Took a spin in the CEII on the free trial. Surprisingly fun.


Oooh, I may have to let DCS update just to give that bird a whirl.



LOL…And I still managed to knock the skids off a dozen times!! :rofl:


ET Phone home…!!!

LOL…Hahaha…oh my :rofl:!

Yeah, most of you are too young for that. :grimacing:


:+1: :+1: :+1:


It practically is the “ET” of the DCS World :rofl:

My thinking was “Fly me to the Moon”

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uuuhm… :innocent:


The JF17 likes to climb (54,000 feet and still climbing)

Nice view though :slight_smile:


Would help if that probe wasn’t in the way!


Beautiful skin on the Messerschmitt.

So, to come back to this…

Tried the Gazelle and the Kurfurst - sorry, Kurfürst - and I love them!

The Gazelle feels completely different from the other Helos as in it’s literally as heavy as the engine- it’s like a racing car, compared to the underpowered vans of the Huey and Hip…

Almost too hard to handle- but after an hour I was quite able to land it anywehere.
Just for the love of all that’s a simulation, control your Rolls!
If you’re careless you start some PIO and goodnight, sweet prince. BOOM!

Wasn’t interested in the weapons system, and beside that, I think it’s basically mandatory to have a second human to use them.

I’m so impressed. Yes, sometimes it feels a bit too much like a toy, when you throw it around, but I’m planning to talk to a former colleague of mine who was a MD 500 pilot for the Italian Air force and see his opinions on the matter.

The Kurfurst - oh sorry, Kurfürst - is obviously a completely different beast.
It’s mighty powerful, has the tiniest amount of ammo I’ve ever experienced in a fighter plane BUT weaves through the air like a knife.

I’m not particularly well versed in WWII A2A but I’m pleased by the feeling.
I wish I could try some mano a mano with some of you gentlemen eventually to see how it handles hitting and being hit.

To my surprise landing was almost insultingly easy.
Despite having enormous problems with the Dora, the Kurfurst - ACH sorry, Kurfürst - fit like a glove to my handling.

Satisfyingly odd. Or oddly satisfying.
Or both?
I’m almost considering buying it.

Bonus was trying the Ka-50.
Crampedest office, odd placement of literally everything, BUT the handling on that FLYING WOLF!
My oh my, what a UHMPF!
I think I need another person to handle the weapons systems as I was truly just taken by the fun I had throwing it about the sky.
Sadly though, opposite of the Kurfurst - Dang, Kurfürst - it just doesn’t do what I want.
Hard to tell but I felt like I was just suggesting it stuff to do and fro mtime to time it ignored me and just went on looking for targets.

But before I say too much, tonight I’ll try the Baguette and the Harry!


One of the first things I tried was to check if I could make the rotor blades from the upper and lower disc collide. The theory goes that the advancing blade generates more lift than the retreating blade the faster you go the more the rotor disc tilts sideways (assymetry of lift), so if its clockwise spinning rotor the left side tilts more and on anti-clockwise the right side tilts higher. So on tandem rotor the assymetry of lift effect cancels each other out due to double rotor setup which makes this kind of design fast in terms of airpseed, but it has its limits because of this tilting effect - the faster you go the distance between the advancing blades on lower disc and retreating blades on upper disc will decrease and the blades will eventually meet, deblading both rotors. It’s probably the reason why Hokum has an ejection seat - you can’t autorotate without the blades :wink:

So this effect is actually modelled pretty well, I got my rotors to collide by flying @170kts+ and also tested the ejection seat. The sequence looks really cool, with the blades (or what left of them) being blown off from the mast and then the pilot sent flying upwards.


Yeah! I saw that in, I think, an article or a post from BeachAv8R… either here or that other forum.


What? The Dora should be MUCH easier to land than the Kurfürst. Check that rudder assist on ground is off.