DCS & Hollo Pointe Fly-Ins June & July 2020

Coming up on June 19-20, we invite all to visit the multiplayer Hollo Pointe servers for a DCS Fly-In! Our Hollo Pointe servers will run a variety of missions on the Caucasus and the Persian Gulf maps. Come out and fly Mudspikers!

Plenty of varying Blue Client slots will be available. The Hollo Pointe server will host modern jets; Hollo Pointe North has modern and early era jets and piston aircraft, depending upon the mission. Expect enemy AI opponents!

Some missions have Red Client opponents for head-to-head action. There will be helicopter slots. Many of the missions have Client slots for Combined Arms.

All skill levels are welcome. The Fly-In will officially start on Friday evening U.S. time. Just pop into a mission - and Read The Briefing!

Look for the Hollo Pointe servers in the Open Beta DCS Multiplayer window. We run the Open Beta version with Integrity Checks.

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Text and voice chat is on Discord. Follow the Discord Hollo Pointe (Hollo Pointe). You are welcome to hang out on Discord and listen in, and join in the conversation.

This will be the first of two Fly-Ins. The second is scheduled for July 17-18. We hope you are able to make it to either one or both!

Feel welcome to join the multiplayer missions. Fly around, take some screenshots! Get into a formation!

In order to ensure fun play for everyone, there are some ground rules and/or guidelines listed below. In general, if a player is disrupting everyone else’s good time, they will be kicked and/or banned.

Shoot to Kill, Play to Have Fun. It’s not just a motto, it’s…ok, well, actually it is just a motto, but it’s a pretty good one. Play nice.

No team-killing, consensual or otherwise. People may be banned for offenses.

Please. No obscene language, VOIP or text. Not all folks enjoy obscene language, even if meant in good humor. Other folks may have friends/family reading the chat messages over their shoulder or listening in on external speakers and may hear what you intended as a closed room comment.
Use push-to-talk on your VOIP program.

Read the chat bar and send text messages for important comms in addition to broadcasting over VOIP (not everyone may using the same VOIP program). Be sure to program your chat key for the DCS modules.

Know how to start your a/c and use the active runway.

There is an active runway and proper radio frequency at each airbase that includes a preferred direction for takeoff/landing. Ask if you’re not sure about the runway; the Tower should direct you to it with the heading. Do not go against the flow, even if it means a longer flight or taxi. Declare an emergency in chat within ten miles of the airbase if you must go against the active runway heading and call for a clear runway and state how far out you are in miles and minutes.
Stop and announce intentions before rolling onto a runway, even if just taxiing “quickly” across. Tip: Check the surrounding area for other players using the F10 map view. Don’t back taxi down a runway unless there’s no other way to go. Even then, announce it to the group.
The priority order when there’s a conflict for runway or taxiway access is as follows:

  1. Emergency (damage or low fuel)
  2. Landing
  3. Taking off
  4. Taxiing to runway
  5. Taxiing from runway
    In the event of a priority tie “Got There First” and “Right of Way” (i.e., if the other vehicle is to your right, you let them go ahead of you) are the tie breakers.
    Clear the runway as fast as possible after landing and then announce it: “Skippy5 is clear of the active runway!”

Remember, we’re all here to have fun. If you find yourself not having fun, angry or upset, step away from the computer for a few minutes, cool down, and then rejoin. And, of course, please let us know in the Mudspike forum or via Private Message what we can do better next time.

Please join in for a rippin’ good time! The Discord channel is here (Hollo Pointe).


Schedule cleared, ready for take off! Looking forward to it. I sincerely hope @Maico will be able to join us…


I’m in. I will make sure @Scoop joins us as well. This will be fun

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I shall be there. I will make sure Victor gets his VR back in time.


To be fair, i doubt I’d use it on the a2g stuff on hollo pointe.

I’m just glad you are having fun. No rush


I will be about as much as RL permits :slight_smile:


Have fun! I am out away from my PC that w’end.

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Be there the other weekend!


Thx man, missed that second date on first read :+1:


C-130 landing at Khasab Airport. ‘NAVEX PG’ mission on Hollo Pointe -

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There are so many screenshots in here that for a second I thought I already missed it! I’ll be around for the July event for sure! I’ll have to skip the June event unless we feel the fly-in deserves to be a 3 day festival and include sunday :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to it! I’ll try to get my VS mates involved as well.

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@Franze holding my hand through the area in the Ka-50 while I bobbed along in trail in my Mi-8. We knocked down some SAMs and convoys. Heaps of fun!


A few more screen captures from our action yesterday.

@franze did the navigation and sniped out the IR SAMs and AAA, before giving me the green light to go spray some rockets at what was left. Here’s us charging full pelt at a crippled SA-11 site:

Rolling in as @Franze’s rockets are already pummeling the site:

Get some! Get some!

“Site clear”, @franze called, as we hovered over the smouldering ashes. The SAMs were silent and @WreckingCrew was now free to roll in to destroy the nearby main targets in his Warthog. Mission accomplished.


I was hoping to push off some maintenance this weekend but it looks like I will be busy. Hope I can make it to the next one. I have to get my DCS on again.


Wow cool!!! I cleared my schedule… Wait, I’m on Qurentine !!! Lol. I’ll try but hope my ping is not too bad. I’ll be there even if just to cheer.

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What time will people be flying, I have explained to my dear wife the importance of social interaction with like minded fools… I mean friends :grin:

I’m rushing back from scotland at maximum speed to join you all. Fingers crossed I’ll see you later!



All those running home to connect to Hollo Pointe? You gotta be kidding me :laughing:

Scotland always reminds me of my (great) holidays I spent there on couple of occasions (rain from the top, from the sides, even from below… but great :wink:).

And one little video to start the weekend on a positive note:


Ah, you guys woke me up! :sleeping:

It is 0800 here in Colorado. I will ck the server in a bit, and plan to be on line myself in 4-5 hours.