DCS Mission Submission: Mudspike 3rd Annual Fly-In (2017) Training Mission

Mudspike 3rd Annual Fly In (2017) Training Mission

*Credit for this screenshot comes from @near_blind (3rd DCS Fly-In Screens & AARs thread)


Welcome to the Mudspike DCS-1.5 2017 Flying/Training Mission!

This mission contains 4 primary operations areas. These areas are grouped around flight combat ‘eras’ and DCS modules that might exist within those ‘eras’. Each area will be covered in later kneeboard pages.

This mission contains almost 90 client slots but it is not designed to be able to handle all of that at once. Instead, the client list is intended to provide flexibility allowing groups to perform training with a wide selection of DCS Module choices. Depending on the server, it is recommended that up to 16 clients should be active at any given time.

This mission may have various times and weather options but the base mission will always be 12 noon, 1 June 2011 with calm and clear weather - for training purposes.

Client Spots:

There are a lot - more than 2 per available module in DCS World 1.5.x as of December 2017.

World War II Area:

Name Type Callsign
BLUE-Trn-WW2-Spitfire-Mk9 01 Spitfire LF Mk.IX Uzi 1-1
BLUE-Trn-WW2-Spitfire-Mk9 02 Spitfire LF Mk.IX Uzi 2-1
BLUE-Trn-WW2-Bf-109K4 01 Bf 109 K-4 Uzi 3-1
BLUE-Trn-WW2-Bf-109K4 02 Bf 109 K-4 Uzi 4-1
BLUE-Trn-WW2-P-51D 01 P-51D Uzi 5-1
BLUE-Trn-WW2-P-51D 02 P-51D Uzi 6-1
BLUE-Trn-WW2-P-51D 03 P-51D Uzi 7-1
BLUE-Trn-WW2-P-51D 04 P-51D Uzi 8-1
BLUE-Trn-WW2-Fw-190D9 01 Fw 190 D-9 Uzi 9-1
BLUE-Trn-WW2-Fw-190D9 02 Fw 190 D- Uzi 9-2
BLUE-Trn-WW2-TP-51D 01 TF-51D Pontiac 1-1
BLUE-Trn-WW2-TP-51D 02 TF-51D Pontiac 2-1

Korean War Area

Name Type Callsign
BLUE-Trn-Korea-F-86F 01 F-86F Uzi 1-1
BLUE-Trn-Korea-F-86F 02 F-86F Uzi 2-1
BLUE-Trn-Korea-F-86F 03 F-86F Uzi 3-1
BLUE-Trn-Korea-F-86F 04 F-86F Uzi 4-1
BLUE-Trn-Korea-MiG-15bis 01 MiG-15bis Uzi 5-1
BLUE-Trn-Korea-MiG-15bis 02 MiG-15bis Uzi 6-1
BLUE-Trn-Korea-MiG-15bis 03 MiG-15bis Uzi 7-1
BLUE-Trn-Korea-MiG-15bis 04 MiG-15bis Uzi 8-1

Helicopter Area:

Name Type Callsign Starts Near FARP
BLUE-Trn-Helo-Ka-50 01 Ka-50 Enfield 1-1 Dallas
BLUE-Trn-Helo-Ka-50 02 Ka-50 Enfield 2-1 Dallas
BLUE-Trn-Helo-Ka-50 03 Ka-50 Enfield 3-1 Dallas
BLUE-Trn-Helo-Ka-50 04 Ka-50 Enfield 4-1 Dallas
BLUE-Trn-Helo-SA342M 01 SA342M Enfield 5-1 Dallas
BLUE-Trn-Helo-SA342M 02 SA342M Enfield 6-1 Dallas
BLUE-Trn-Helo-SA342Mistral 01 SA342Mistral Enfield 7-1 Dallas
BLUE-Trn-Helo-SA342Mistral 02 SA342Mistral Enfield 8-1 Dallas
BLUE-Trn-Helo-UH-1H 01 UH-1H Springfield 1-1 London
BLUE-Trn-Helo-UH-1H 02 UH-1H Springfield 2-1 London
BLUE-Trn-Helo-UH-1H 03 UH-1H Springfield 3-1 London
BLUE-Trn-Helo-UH-1H 04 UH-1H Springfield 4-1 London
BLUE-Trn-Helo-Mi-8MTV2 01 Mi-8MTV2 Springfield 5-1 London
BLUE-Trn-Helo-Mi-8MTV2 02 Mi-8MTV2 Springfield 6-1 London
BLUE-Trn-Helo-Mi-8MTV2 03 Mi-8MTV2 Springfield 7-1 London
BLUE-Trn-Helo-Mi-8MTV2 04 Mi-8MTV2 Springfield 8-1 London

Modern Area:


Name Type Callsign
BLUE-Trn-Modern-M-2000C 01 M-2000C Colt 1-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-M-2000C 02 M-2000C Colt 2-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-M-2000C 03 M-2000C Colt 3-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-M-2000C 04 M-2000C Colt 4-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-F-5E-3 01 F-5E-3 Colt 5-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-F-5E-3 02 F-5E-3 Colt 6-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-F-5E-3 03 F-5E-3 Colt 7-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-F-5E-3 04 F-5E-3 Colt 8-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-AJS37 01 AJS37 Dodge 1-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-AJS37 02 AJS37 Dodge 2-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-AJS37 03 AJS37 Dodge 3-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-AJS37 04 AJS37 Dodge 4-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-Su-25 01 Su-25 Dodge 5-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-Su-25 02 Su-25 Dodge 6-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-Su-25T 01 Su-25T Dodge 7-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-Su-25T 02 Su-25T Dodge 8-1


Name Type Callsign
BLUE-Trn-Modern-MiG-21Bis 01 MiG-21Bis Dodge 9-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-MiG-21Bis 02 MiG-21Bis Dodge 9-2
BLUE-Trn-Modern-Su-27 01 Su-27 211
BLUE-Trn-Modern-Su-27 02 Su-27 212
BLUE-Trn-Modern-MiG-29S 01 MiG-29S 181
BLUE-Trn-Modern-MiG-29S 01 MiG-29S 182
BLUE-Trn-Modern-F-15C 01 F-15C Ford 1-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-F-15C 02 F-15C Ford 2-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-F-15C 03 F-15C Ford 3-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-F-15C 04 F-15C Ford 4-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-L-39ZA 01 L-39ZA 151
BLUE-Trn-Modern-L-39ZA 02 L-39ZA 152
BLUE-Trn-Modern-L-39ZA 03 L-39ZA 153
BLUE-Trn-Modern-L-39ZA 04 L-39ZA 154
BLUE-Trn-Modern-A-10C 01 A-10C Chevy 1-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-A-10C 02 A-10C Chevy 2-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-A-10C 03 A-10C Chevy 3-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-A-10C 04 A-10C Chevy 4-1

FARP: Rome

Name Type Callsign
BLUE-Trn-Mod-Ka-50 01 Ka-50 Enfield 1-1
BLUE-Trn-Mod-Ka-50 02 Ka-50 Enfield 2-1
BLUE-Trn-Mod-Ka-50 03 Ka-50 Enfield 3-1
BLUE-Trn-Mod-Ka-50 04 Ka-50 Enfield 4-1
BLUE-Trn-Mod-SA342M 01 SA342M Enfield 5-1
BLUE-Trn-Mod-SA342M 02 SA342M Enfield 6-1
BLUE-Trn-Mod-SA342Mistral 01 SA342Mistral Enfield 7-1
BLUE-Trn-Mod-SA342Mistral 02 SA342Mistral Enfield 8-1

Admiral Kuznetsov

Name Type Callsign
BLUE-Trn-Modern-Su-33 01 Su-33 221
BLUE-Trn-Modern-Su-33 02 Su-33 222
BLUE-Trn-Modern-Su-33 03 Su-33 223
BLUE-Trn-Modern-Su-33 04 Su-33 224


Name Type Callsign
BLUE-Trn-Modern-AV-8B_NA 01 AV-8B N/A Chevy 5-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-AV-8B_NA 02 AV-8B N/A Chevy 6-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-AV-8B_NA 03 AV-8B N/A Chevy 7-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-AV-8B_NA 04 AV-8B N/A Chevy 8-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-AV-8B_NA 05 AV-8B N/A Chevy 9-1
BLUE-Trn-Modern-AV-8B_NA 06 AV-8B N/A Ford 8-1


Almost any task is possible.

This mission is designed in a way to allow ‘generating’ of missions during its time active. This is intended to give the ‘mission lead’ complete control over what happens - directing flight elements to contact ground to obtain a weapons load out (as directed by the flight lead) and call in enemy elements to achieve the training targets.

There are a number of support assets in the Modern Area, including AWACS and Air Refueling.

Additional information is contained in the kneeboards (in the in-game kneeboard system) take a look at those. They will be added to this mission post as a follow up post.


This mission is not dependent on any content external to DCS World.

This mission uses MOOSE 2.3 which is included in the .miz and .zip files. MOOSE was developed by FlightControl and is an excellent scripting addition (ED Forum link). I have included my source code that takes care of the group spawning (AI Adversary, Tanker, AWACS, Ground Convoys and SAM groups).

CAUTION: You can spawn, literally, hundreds of groups/units in this mission - and this can break your server (think seconds per frame). Missions are ‘called in’ via the F10 Communication menu under which there will be a “Mudspike 2017 Fly-In” option. This option will contain sub-options for each Era Area, which will then contain options relating to CAP, Convoy, Depot and other spawns. Further sub-options will allow the selection of pertinent groups fitting the Menu choices.

CAUTION: Comms menu may available to all clients or it may be limited to the JTAC/GAME MASTER slots (when they enter a BLUE-JTAC-* ground unit); only Flight Leads should make choices so they control the training.

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes the AWACS crashes shortly after takeoff - okay, often the AWACS crashes shortly after takeoff and I don’t know why;
  • The MOOSE ControlCenter missions are enabled and may provide a decent interaction method with the ‘on call’ spawns but once a mission has been completed, it does not get removed from the CommandCenter missions list - likely a bug with the mission or MOOSE (I will investigate);

Future Plans (maybe):

  • Separate out the CommandCenter missions and make one for each Era/Area;

Version History:

Mudspike-D08-Flyin_2017-v01.zip (5.2 MB)

Version Date DCS World Version Notes
V01 1 Jan 2018 DCS World Initial release;

Kneeboard Information Panels

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