DCS: Nevada Test and Training Range

It looks simply amazing! I will probably stream it in the following days as well. Twitch

First quick Flight in an F-15C Eagle, taking off from Nellis AFB:

After a quick Climb to 30000ft:

Racing towards Creech AFB:

First Multiplayer Flight in the A-10C:

Home Safe:

Vegas Baby!

The trees do indeed have a collision model. Test successful:


Very cool shots. :thumbsup:

I’ve probably spent about the last 20 hours obsessing over getting the downloads faster, but I did just take a quick flight. One thing that is surprising is that the North Vegas urban areas are really populated well.

It’s a work of art - the performance has been great, and I can’t get over how much is smoothly shifting around the screen so far.

As it’s a screenshot thread…

So many cars…

“My name is fearlessfrog and ‘ipermetcato froggy’ is my favorite store in the citadel…”

Such a different vibe from Georgia…


Some time trying out the NTTR

An Idea of how big the map is (also some subtle suggestions for expansion come F/A-18 time :wink: )


Great screen shots @Derbysieger :smiley:

It’s lookin’ reall good. Noticed wind socks on the field at Creech … such a cool addition! Detail and the sense of speed is astounding! After crashing my UH-1 into a lamp post I snagged a video of @near_blind and @Derbysieger.


Some more screenshots:

Grand Canyon:

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