Mudspike DCS World Fly-In: April 16-17

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It’s that time again — dust off your HOTAS, pull your checklists out from underneath your tax forms, test out your head-tracker, and freshen up on weapons deliveries — Mudspike is having another DCS World Fly-In! There are always a variety of module slots available over the Mudspike Fly-In. Just like the last fly-in, participation is free…


Woot! The Hollo Pointe server will be loaded up and ready.

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looking good! but nothing organised for open beta?

What’s the point? Most of the time they are the same version anyway.

I’m in the process of gathering information and reading up on the Albatros for the fly-in, especially the ZA. The L-39C/ZA multi pit workshop is a go.

The public release should be stable, an important characteristic for a community event, and DCS 2.0 is the only place we can fly NTTR. Of course, if enough folks are interested, I’m sure an open-beta server will pop up. Anything in particular you’re looking for from the open beta, @Sryan?

No, I’m sorry. I didn’t even know stable and beta where on the same version most of the time.

I will “join” you on board Austrian Airlines Boeing (as passenger=spectator :smile: ) departing on 16th from MIA and arriving on 17th at VIE :wink: