Mudspike DCS World Fly-In: November 12-13

Mudspike DCS World Fly-In: November 12-13

By @EinsteinEP - November 8, 2016

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You know the drill. It’s time for another Mudspike DCS World Fly-In.


Just like the last fly-in, participation is free and open to all levels of experience and confidence:

  • Newcomers are welcome and their questions will be patiently answered, sometimes even by knowledgeable people. ?
  • More experienced folks can meet up with others to work on advanced topics: multiple-ship operations, tactical formations, etc.
  • Splinter sessions can be created for specific desires or needs: introduction to formation flying, radio navigation, weapons employment, aerial refueling, helicopter basics, etc.

To join the fun, you will need the latest stable version of DCS World (currently 1.5, and available for free from the Digital Combat Simulator website). At some point over the weekend, we’re sure to have servers running the open-alpha 2.0 with flights over the Nevada Test and Training Range.

Although not required, voice comms are strongly recommended. Log in to the Mudspike Teamspeak 3 server to join in the fun!

In multiplayer, things are always … interesting.

There are no sign-ups, no assessment tests, no fees, no required modules, no required modifications. Just join up and enjoy!

Here’s what you missed last time.

On November 12th and 13th, dial into our Teamspeak 3 server, log in to a Mudspike DCS World Fly-In server, and say hello!

Check our forums for more details as the date approaches.

Here’s what you also missed last time

That was a good time!

Of course the picture of me nose diving a huey into the ground would make it into the article.

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