DCS: Normandy WW2


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Most of the airfields have metal plating in Normandy. Not, dirt/grass.


Very nice. Will give a good change of pace

No, we have no immediate plans to create a “modern day” Normandy map. The only item that will vary by date will be the trains.

The use of modern day units in this map is just a side benefit of the sand box nature of DCS World.

We need to move on to updating the Caucasus map to T4 and completing ver. DCS World 2.5. The amount of feature creep in the Normandy map has already reached over-kill levels.


Thanks Wags

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Looks gorgeous

Wow, that looks awesome! Would love to fly over the channel in my Mirage 2000 like they did in Sky Fighters!

And yes, helo ops is going to be great around the hills, trees and cities. Gazelles will be a real threat for any tank driver there.

Wow the modern day units on that map looks beautiful! I do believe this is the first dlc map I’ll be purchasing.

It is commonly understood that heavy bombers enacted a carpet bombing mission to precede and facilitate the Cobra breakout from the hedgerows that it had stalled upon.

That was the story they told us.

Few people were privy to the incredible secret of an A-10 squadron transported in time to July 1944 and the history altering missions those lost pilots participated in.

Allied soldiers on the ground told stories of strange sounding planes with lumps on their backs, and that other-wordly BRRRRPPPT that echoed through the sky…


That screenshot is really giving me an itch to make and fly a mission reenacting the not-well-known battle where a flight of American A-10C’s met with Luftwaffe Fw-190’s to interdict a mixed element of Soviet tanks and Mi-8’s to cover defecting German scientists.

EDIT: @Tankerwade beat me to it. Of course. Sincerely though, the possible ‘what-ifs’ with the Normandy map and the current / near-future DCS lineup give me a stupid grin.


Lots of cool campaigns ideas like a WWIII scenario in which the Russians occupy mainland Europe, and what is left of NATO operates out of southern England.

Again, it will be a 1944 era map, but it still has the potential for being a lot of fun.


I know I speak for a lot of people: Yes please. :slight_smile:

That being said I am aware that it will take time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Indeed, we want to get 2.5 out more than anyone. Maintaining multiple versions is a massive headache for us.

But, we made commitments a long time to regarding DCS World War II. Can’t make everyone happy.


As I sit here at work living and breathing that same development nightmare! :cry:

I think that people just need to use their imaginations and pretend that the situation on the island has regressed due to the economic impact of the failures during the early stages of WWIII in France.


That’s true, I guess…
But you guys make me happy, and that’s what counts! :wink:


Top of our list! :slight_smile:


@wagmatt fantastic work on the map! Looking forward to stalking my blackshark around that! Good luck getting it all together, my sympathies to you and the rest of the development team! :purple_heart:


yes exactly, MiG15 vs F86 :sunglasses:

great looking map definitely :thumbsup:


We have made do with 1 map for a long time, I dont think anyone will have any issues coming up with fun missions with 3 (with a 4th on the way) to chose from :slight_smile:


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