DCS: Normandy WW2

I know you guys most probably know this, but just to make sure we don’t confuse readers here:
The B-17 is announced as AI only

Also, the map and units are looking great!!! :slight_smile:

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At present, yes. I’m not finished convincing ED to make it flyable…

@wagmatt, look into my eyes… :eyes:
When I snap my fingers you will divert all ED resources into making a DCS level B-17 with crew management.


Need to wait Yo-Yo implement some technology to build a multi-engine piston module on DCS: World.

See the B-17 and coming to see “Target for Today” :slight_smile:


So a B-17 in 1944 is the timeline for the map/units?

Coming back the other way would be what, some AI Dornier Do 217’s, Ju-88’s or Ju 188’s as the most common types? Operation Steinbock had London 'Baby Blitz’s with the big ol HE 177’s as well. DCS AI Do 217’s would make sense I think, although Ju 88’s were in the greatest numbers.

Of course, that late in the war there were also the V1 and V2’s coming over the channel. Chasing down a passing V1 in a Spitfire would be fairly insane… :slight_smile: :rocket:

A pic of a Spitfire ‘tipping’ a flying V1 with its wing…


This isnt "Now You See Me… "

that dont work :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we import the A2A accusim b17 into dcs?

Sure, just need to squint a bit… :slight_smile:


Dat B-17…I can’t get my eyes off of it.

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Yeah. Finally my Dora will have a proper target. :smiley:
just some days ago I was thinking about the “Schweinfurt” mission in Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat…



Oh yeah…?
@SkateZilla, look into my eyes… :eyes:


New info from Wags concerning Normandy live stream…
"_Dear all,

Due to a pressing family matter, I will be traveling this weekend. So, I’ve had to postpone the live stream one week to 4 March 2017.

I look forward to seeing you all then.

Hope all is well for him and his family


[quote=“Freak, post:162, topic:1718”]
The B-17 is announced as AI only

Also, the map and units are …[/quote]

… AI only! especially the map!! just not to confuse anyone :smile:

Our map team is hard at work bringing the Normandy map to completion with most of the work focusing on bug clean up and tuning. We are getting close! Once the map is available for pre-purchase, we will announce the release date.

One question we often read about the Normandy map is if non-World War II units will work with it. It certainly will! In fact, we think many of you will find it an amazing map for helicopters and close air support aircraft in particular.

For this update, we’ve included several images of many modern day DCS World unit types in the Normandy map.

Also, the Normandy map live stream has had to be postponed to 4 March 2017.


@wagmatt : Here, let me buy you a drink! :smiley:


Mmm…the last few years have seen some beautiful work on the core DCS World graphics and platform. Those long shadows are just delicious.

So…emmmm…are those collidable trees on the Normandy map?


Ok… That looks good!

Love the lighting - gorgeous!


I think that the Normandy map is going to offer a lot of potentially interesting content! Those screenshots are fabulous!

The WW2 airfields can “match” with actual DCS World aircraft or will have “enlarged” versions to fit them?

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I was assuming the time portal would always mean an airstart. :wink:

True though, that it will require more than a dirt strip to get a M2000 flying over France.

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