DCS: Normandy WW2


The lighting looks sublime


Mr. Wagner has uploaded a new video with some beach action over Normandy. Lookin’ good. Look’in real good :slight_smile:


I’m just sitting here, shouting at the screen for the ships to open up with the Bofors and Oerlikons.


Just seed the area with some deployed zu-23’s :slight_smile:


He really likes his Battlestar Galactica music.
I am not complaining I have the second seasons album on repeat.


Hey @Fridge or anyone else who may know - are barrage balloons an asset placeable unit, or are they attached to the ships?


Is it the 26:th yet…?


Two more sleeps :smile:




How about now ?


Are we there yet?!


I couldn’t find them in the mission editor but that does not mean that they are not there :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking @Fridge. I hope we can place the balloons individually. I like decorating…


Race gates :slight_smile: RedBull Mudspikers air race :mudspike:


Hell, if I can find the textures for those balloons we can have some serious stuff around here!


Partial to S3’s score myself. IMHO “Heeding the Call” is some of the best 2 minutes any TV show has ever managed.




Another excellent video from Matt! Damn! How does he get the camera movement so smooth!


Maybe from a track and using some LUA to rotate the camera, sort of like a macro?