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RAZBAM needs something like http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/ for “Is CCRP/CCIP broken in the Mirage right now?”

I hear tears in my eyes the first time I got an INS-cued offset bombing run to land on target.

Now apparently CCRP is broken.


[quote=“AeroMechanical, post:582, topic:2309”]
I hear tears in my eyes [/quote]

You need to cry more often. Apparently you are hearing the re-hydration of your tear ducts.

There you go. It’ll be alright. Let those tears flow. :cry:


I wouldn’t worry too much. Aero’s like a cat trying to go outside.

One second he’s complaining CCRP in the mirage is broke, and he refuses to use CCIP because that’s too pedestrian.

The next he’s refusing to use CCRP in the Viggen because it’s too complex.


Plus he’s never online so we could practice all of this as a coordinated flight!

Always too concerned with sleeping and grooming himself. :cat2:



Makes me feel mildly better about leveling a building two blocks away from the tanks I was trying to drop Mk82’s on lol


You mean the Baby Milk Factory???!! War crime!


I think it was an accordion factory or a mime school.


Just call it area bombing and chalk it up to expected results!


Flying first mission in Upuaut’s Bell-47G

A Loach, a Loach, my kingdom for a Loach!

Created a quick mission if anyone wants to try it or tinker: [Bell-47]_Chip_free_flight Vietnam_sp.miz (11.4 KB)


Very cool @chipwich! Thanks for the mission!


Thanks @Fridge. That is just a sightseeing mission for the UH-1 that I created to help learn that aircraft in a low threat environment. I’ll make it more Bell47 polished one of these days. If anyone wants to improve it, I seriously won’t be offended.


You guys hold a pretty good formation. :slight_smile:


Both are considered legitimate targets according to the Geneva Convention… I probably shouldn’t be telling you this but according to sensitive intelligence sources, a certain adversary nation is developing a MOAA device–the “Mother Of All Accordions”…it will be operated by a squad of elite mimes…“Oh the Humanity!” :fearful:



Great shots!


Figured it’s time to dust off my Bf109 flying gloves and see if I can still wrangle this tailwheeled monster.

Beautiful aircraft.

Taxiing this wobbly-kneed racer keeps you on your toes (pun intended). To re-build my feet muscle memory, I take a lap around the Evreux taxiways with the tailwheel unlocked. My calves remind me they’re not used to this abuse before I even make it halfway around.

Gulp. Is it left rudder, right stick? or right rudder, left stick? Guess we’ll find out!

Almost ran off the runway, due to being misaligned at the start of my roll, but luckily I was able to gently push the nose back towards centerline without dragging a wing.

I make a quick circuit around the drab little field and set up my landing.

Final is picture perfect, with maybe a little too much speed. Feels good!

I set down a gentle three-pointer and manage to keep the aircraft level and upright as I bring it to a complete stop.

Once stopped, I turn the 109 around and take off into a closed pattern again. This time I’m going to try my wheel landing.

Touchdown is good, maybe a little misaligned with the runway and I have to dance on the pedals to keep the nose aligned.

I stick the touchdown and the 109 rides the mains down the runway. I hold the stick back to keep the tail off the runway. I need to add more and more aft stick as the airspeed bleeds away, and I finally let the tail drop.

Now, at a much slower speed, I lay on the brakes and bring the 109 to a crawl, taxi back to parking, and call it a day.



I was messing around with the P-51 and didn’t have any real issues. Tried the 109 and I was all over the place. That is one squirrely-bird to take off! How is the Spitfire?


IIRC, the history books have said the 109s really were difficult to take-off and land in due to their very narrow width the landing gear were set at. I seem to recall quite a bit of young German pilots died during take-offs and landings.