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it’s a shark, but a frogfoot, the same but different.


Wouldn’t that be like a @fearlessfrog…?



Refreshing my 21 skills. It starts perfect…

…but always the same end


Quick video I have made with a bit o’ weather :smile:


Five more episodes of Game Of Thrones and then back to DCS! Watching all six seasons since about 14 weekends ago. I’ve had a v2 mission simmering the whole time but not enough time to do both.


New DCS F-15C movie by Xstounds.


:heart_eyes: :jenneke:


Insanely good film making chops.


Yep, he is one of the best DCS movie makers out there. Always enjoy his stuff.



Ok. We’re officially on par with pre-rendered scenes from '90 games.
And above.

@Texac: What’s your graphical settings?


Everything is set on high. MSAA as well even though my frames are are incredible low but for taking a couple of screenshots it’s not really a problem I guess. :smiley:


Thanks. No changes at the Gamma slider?


No. Now that you’re mentioning it I totally forgot that they added the gamma slider.


Where is this slider located chaps, I could not find it


I couldn’t find it either. I think it wasn’t even implemented with the update from yesterday.