DCS Screenshots



Been flying some more Mirage campaign missions… Stunning work by @Baltic_Dragon

mini minor spoiler in small vague text in corner of the hidden picture, click arrow to the left here to view it

And some online baguette action, with @FDunne in his Eagle, celebrating the kill we just made on a Flanker.


Glad you like the campaign!


More testing of a simple “transportation of passengers” mission. I am always amazed at how good DCS World looks. I love exploring the maps and finding all the neat little details of those maps.


Also found this while testing mission. I’m assuming this is a bug. Notice you can’t see the driver. Anyone else confirm this?


It’s camouflage.


Has anyone ever done a script in which you get paid for that? Could make a sort of Elite:Dangerous a la Nevada with Hueys :smile:


Wasn’t marijuana just legalized this weekend in Vegas? Looks like a smoke-out if you ask me…


Yeah I saw that too :slight_smile: wanted to post it on ED forums in bugs thread but forgot to do so - maybe now I will (so…lazy…)


I posted in the ED forums without reply

Well Skatezilla replied but no fix as yet



So I thought to myself this fine morning maybe some MI-8 CSAR on the Inferno server would do nicely.

Well I joined in got my bird up and taxi’d to the runway, even set up the Doppler Radar Navigation to the nearest downed pilot.

As it turns out some guy in a “Friendly” F-15 has decided to remove the “friendly” Commy Mig minding its own business at ramp.

Now I “Red Box” wasn’t aware of the carnage happening not 100ft behind me so I continued on. However the friendly Stinger MANPAD team a few miles north “Black Box” apparently took exception to the unauthorised removal of glorious soviet hardware on the base and decided the F-15 needed a slap on the wrist.

Sadly the stinger crew did not know that this was a strong independent sassy F-15 that dont need no stingers tracking it and track the flares instead.

Dem stingers realise them flares be from Murican aircraft so switch to their cheeki seeking radar instead that only hunt the breekiest of ruuski aircraft and proceed to disintegrate well of course… me.

Murican technology at its finest removing with extreme prejudice all commy tech be it friendly or not.

Thank you DCS, would rage quit again 10/10.
Not seen is the next 3 aircraft landing also disintegrate in the wreckage I left on the runway.

BONUS mi-8 shots


LOL…so wait…the Stinger was originally launched at a valid adversary (the F-15)…it spoofed it, and it turned its attention to you resulting in a Blue on Blue? Haha…sounds like something out of a movie…


Has anyone ever done a script in which you get paid for that?

yep, $5, minus Paypal’s cut. Couple years later i took down the donation button from my site from lack of activity :slight_smile:


The F-15 in question was also friendly until it TK’d the Mig


Nice to see the F7 menu getting fixed after all this time :slight_smile:


Nice waggin’ the old Huey tail there, escaping from that hot LZ. :slight_smile:


Great vid! Damn, I wish I could land like that. If I were to land near those first troops, they probably would scatter in terror outside the F7 range. But then again if I landed next to that second group they would have to do the same which would probably be a good thing.


I’d have to call CSAR after my landing. But I am learning.


I found this in ED forums, not mine.
I can’t get over how insanely amazing DCS graphics is…

Especially when I was used to this, and I awas thjinking it could’nt get any better…


It’s hard to imagine what sims will look like 20-30 years from now. I had a WOW moment the first time I flew the DCS Spitfire IX as the sun caught the wing, revealing the rivet lines and panels, all in VR, so it looked like it was really out there.


Have a giggle on me. The Turkish F4’s where a little late on target, or else I was early. Some 1337 pilot I am Doh :nauseated_face: