DCS Screenshots



@whareagle 's Dare

Good fun. More to come from @whareagle Thanks for the flight mate.

Looks nice short finals, but truth be told, I was concentrating on my formation and not my airspeed. The suspension received a sever work out and I got a few extra touchdowns for the price of one.


WOW! What a great day out over the black sea! I’m uploading the flight, but it’s going to take a while. Either way - here’s the link.

LOVE Mudspike and the people that make it so special!


Correction: Here’s the latest link - (took about 10 hours!) https://youtu.be/mxCLan6TJb0


Just like basic flying around and BFM? This IS Mudspike right? I do tend to black out now and again. :grin:

Reminded me of “Art of The Kill” …

I think just the lag pursuit aspect of that vid alone changed my tactics with regard to jet fighting. :slight_smile:



Does the pilot look tiny in the hornet or is it just me. Been a while since I’ve seen one in person.


From what I remember, it looks about right. I have pictures looking down into the cockpit of a Rhino from Vultures Row - I’ll find them in a couple weeks.


Not too far off imho.


The Pilot is actually too small (i had scaled him down for another project after rigging)

Once I finish all the external model stuff I’m going to re-rig the original source model and re-animate and merge w/ the bug.


Hey, good to see you around here again @whareagle!


Couldn’t resist taking some screenshots in this early dawn mission of the campaign. This was the first mission with my new throttle unit

I filled up without disconnecting for the first time! Having an actual throttle really helps!



Now its getting hard to tell fact from fiction. Some of these look so real @EightBall


Holy Textures Batman…!


Mirage is one of my favorite modules, looks awesome. How are you flying it at night in 2.1? My hud is like white and the lights are all jacked up. Or is that 1.5?


Don’t lie to me… this is a real photo!


Was going to go hunt me some Ivan, but they never showed up. Had to settle for some impromptu weaseling instead.




Some more