DCS Screenshots


I need a new computer…

Seriously, the lightning is gorgeous!


DCSW is the best military planes screenshot generator ever. :unamused:


You know. I should try to fly that Mirage someday… :thinking:


I tried recording a video for the train landing but a lack of RAM makes itself known :frowning:


16GB is the new standard. But that shouldn’t stop yourself from future proofing with 128GB :rofl:


I hoped that I haven’t asked this before, but is there any way to control the playback of recorded mission files in DCS? You know, basic VCR, err, I mean DVD, ah whatever are they called now? If not, I would imagine that an enterprising dev could collect a nice reward for creating such a utility.


Pause, fast forward and slow forward are the only options AFAIK


Target fixation…

missed this swine, though



He’s not wrong.


But is, also and incidentally, the best military planes flight simulator available to civilians :-). I mean Falcon is up there but in my mind, DCS covers more of the bullet points.


Me and an old friend had a fun time just doing a casual sightseeing trip around Normandy…good times…


Was there a tree induced fireball


I think Normandy is the mutt’s nuts for gunship ops.


Speaking of which… how cool it would be if flares could set fire to trees and stuff…




I think it is actually a good sign that ED gets closer and closer to completion of the overall optical optimization. Other things like the ATC overhaul, weather improvements can take more importance after the new lightning engine is at a good state with good perfomance and after the caucasus map is done and ready to be released in one DCS version with the other maps.


Yep, when they converge everything into one stable version, watch out…the floodgates will have been thrown open.


So many great shots in this thread, especially recently. The new lighting engine really does look great.


My brain is having hard time accepting those pictures as a realt-time computed Videogame screenshots for home PC.