DCS Screenshots


So you’ve resorted to only flying in the golden hour now?! :wink:


Great pics Texac !

Sorry, I missed your comment earlier.
Those were taken in 2.1, I got the same problem so I don’t fly it at night :disappointed_relieved:

You should :slight_smile: it’s a very fun aircraft to fly!


One of my favourite VR cockpits


Nah, those F-15 shots were shot in the early afternoon. The viggen shots were for now tactical reasons.




Has anyone noticed how you can get some really wicked effects in screenshots by playing with the depth of field setting?

I had some brilliant looking effects with the F-5E whilst my Rift was away for replacement, but unfortunately, it seems I deleted them.

For example, flying low, between buildings in a village and the F-5 is in perfect focus, but all the buildings are slightly out of focus, and the distance even more so. looks great.


I hope they fix the lighting soon, makes 2.1 unplayable in some planes.


Some screenshots of last nights adventures in the Mi-8 on the Inferno server with @Bogusheadbox and @smokinhole

Some cheeki night flying

On route to the AO loaded up with troops and humvee’s (Unluckily I didnt screenshot any of the actual getting there and unloading part due to enjoying it too much).

Bogus bringing in a tight formation

The leg back in a skillfully held formation

Buzzing down the runway for the return (Incredibly Satisfying)


I fear that I may have become a little tedious with my Oculus snobbery on that mission. But it was my first DCS multiplayer since getting the Rift. And it was one of the more satisfying experiences I’ve had with it thus far. Maclean and I were parked near the troop pickup waiting for Bogus to restart after his unfortunate attempt to mate with a fire truck. I got bored and notice that the handle for my side window was labelled “blister”. I thought, I wonder how far it will let me lean over with the Rift. I found out and fell out of my chair.


Was good fun guys. Great to hear your enjoyment of the rift too.


looks like a great flight … imagine that in a while with a couple of mi24’s escorting you :smiley:


Went for a jolly in the C-101EB this afternoon…

The instructor’s chair has a decent view

I took off from Creech, set the TACAN for McCarren and off I went. They have done a good job with the radio nav in the Aviojet. When hugging the dirt, you don’t receive a thing - and funny as it looks, the needle just spins. It keeps spinning until it finds a signal - which it did, every time I rose above the ridgelines, then lost it again as I dove into the gullies, until I had line of sight with the beacon.

Very nice.

…and the framerates were very good over Vegas, too.


Very nice screens and report of the C-101, thanks!!:slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed. I need to get back in the C-101 but was wanting to wait for the advanced flight model to be integrated. It is a lovely looking bird they’ve built…and an ideal navigation and flight trainer…



You’ve outdone yourself esonub. That’s my new desktop background.


Happy you like it ! :slight_smile: @Linebacker


I’m really loving the subdued orange coloration in my dark basement …


What kind and width monitor is that?