DCS Screenshots


Ultrawide with a little retro 4:3 on the side. :slight_smile:


I have something new to obsess over whether I need it or not… :thinking:


I could pan out and show you the rest of my computers but VR is where it’s at these days. :wink:


Actually - I guess in VR I could just stretch my screen around to 360° (I’m lying…I don’t know that you can do that…but it does give you an ultrawide view…)


Sorry, I got a bit cocky there and never answered your first question! :slight_smile: It’s just a run-of-the-mill flat LG 34" 2560*1080 monitor.


looks amazing :blush:


I shot down an F-5! Although the track shows the exact opposite… Oh well, at least the screenshots are nice!


Yeah… Sure, sure… The “track” shows the “opposite” of a kill. Of course it does.



So, you are saying you trust the ED track system more then you trust my word?! How painful! :wink:






Your monitor looks even more awesome since I’m browsing mudspike in VR :smiley:


Smart aleck :slightly_smiling_face:


Having a lot of fun with skinning the MiG-29 to the SMT version and flying the aircraft upwards to an altitude of 8000m.


@Bogusheadbox Showing me the ropes on how to Baguette.


I also showed @maclean some ropes that shouldn’t be pulled… :confounded:


Too much info


Yep, just downloaded it myself for that very reason. Nice esonub!


incredible material you achieved there man!!! very impresive.

Hope to see some more proggress :slightly_smiling_face:


Pretty much all of the aircraft with a HUD or gunsight. I’ve turned off this “updated feature”, but FPS still continue to be an issue in 2.1.1 despite.