DCS Screenshots






this thread needs more superbugs haha, j/k…


more than not bad, it’s almost a completely different map,

just you wait.


That was meant more as casual understatement rather than provocation, but if y’all want to send me a copy, I am open to being impressed :smile:


If that’s what 2.2 is going to look like, I can’t wait for 2.5 :grin:

Are those PAPI lights going to be working (again)?

thanks for sharing with us :slight_smile:


Hmmm flying over those trees low and fast… mmmmmmmm


Omg that looks amazing! Gonna have to upgrade the graphics card though… :thinking:



Wow awesome! Thanks Sith for sharing!


It’s looking really good. So when we can expect to play with the new map?


Getting ready for the PFM update for the Su-33.

I thought I could do something comparable to a prototype livery and use it as my own template.


DCS’s lack of J-15 skins is really a shame.


If ED or somebody else doesn’t want or can’t find the needed time to add some of the chinese J-15 liveries to the Su-33 I can try to find the needed time and create them.


Some Maximum Baguetting on the go with @Bogusheadbox

Chasing down a wounded Su-27

Completely flawless refuelling from bogus

I need you all to appreciate F3 view while formation landing is a tricky feat (No I couldnt be bothered going through a hours worth of a Track for best screen shot)

An exchange with a peski ruski…should have seen the state of him.

This is Fine.


>Tanker is not seen in next image.


Dang those images are sexy. I’m gonna just post the same statement each time:

“I should really fly the M2000 someday…”



Why dont we pick a date and have a “Teach Beach to Baguette…FINALLY” day? Ill be there to fly some opfor f-5