DCS Screenshots


Yellow Springs



did i do that ? … :rofl:


Widespread destruction. Eeeexcellent. :+1:


I don’t fly in bad weather and low light enough. This looks really cool.

…and one more in the Spit


That last one is such a beauty @bunyap2w1 - great shots!


I finally bought the P-51 in the last sale. I should probably go do something with it. :thinking:



Just don’t do this:

I remember my first flight in the Stang - got some nice shots of it somewhere - I went screaming around the valleys in the Caucasus and completely forgot about fuel. Ended up gliding to a road landing. I was very impressed with its gliding capability. I’ll see if I can find a couple of those screenies

Found them:


that first pic looks suspiciously like most of my landings in the any of the ww2 planes :pensive:


It took me by surprise - I thought I had made it, and was coming to a halt when suddenly the plane got other ideas.


August 2017:
-Continued PBR Adjustments,
-Low Environment Light Testing,
-Adjustments to Self Illuminating Textures


Rubbing my hands together I drool and reach for my wallet

Thanks for sharing Skate


@maico unfortunatly we will likely not ever fly that in the forseeable future… It’s a super hornet.



@SkateZilla are you still going to keep it private, though?

DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!
DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!

Undecided, Right now it’s private, after it’s released as AI, Undecided.

Even w/ Anti-Make Flyable Measures in place, there’s still going to be people that try.

So I might as well do the cockpit and stuff too.

DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!
DCS 2.5.X screenshots...!

Skatezilla productions… dcs f111
If you build it they will come.


Thank You Sryan. I don’t know my Hornets very well. Skate, it looks amazing.


Easiest ways to a Super Hornet over a Legacy Hornet are the large rectangular air intakes, the larger leading edge wing extensions, and the three weapons pylons per wing compared to two on the older jet.