DCS Screenshots


It seems so obvious after you mention all these . Duh! Thanks Bud


Gotta know the tells to spot them :smile:


I find the dog tooth on the wings also very recognizable


So I took up the Mi-8 campaign again yesterday, was able to continue where I left off in another branch of DCS (probably some 2 years ago) by editing the logbook.lua file.

This mission had me ferrying a particularly rusty example of the Russian flying bus over the mountains to get some much needed maintenance at Mozdok. When I had temporarily quit the campaign, I was imagining having to fly through the clouds, quickly punching headings into the DISS-15 Doppler navigation system, but it turns out the weather is clear and the copilot tells you when and where to turn at the waypoints so no switching seats is required.
Because I started my clim directly after take-off, there were no problems crossing the mountains. I could even afford to let the anti-ice system do its job.

I had found the time to play around with the ARK-9 radio and was just tuning into the inner beacon at Mozdok when my co-pilot said:


"Mozdok may be a bit of a stretch…"
I looked at the fuel valve (pro tip: the outer scale is for total fuel, the inner scale for the other selections), and guessed we would be able to make it. This was at the time we were crossing the river just west of Beslan: a very viable and wise alternate option, or a refuelling stop. Reckless as I may be, I still decided to keep some altitude in order to have better chances of surviving an autorotation. It’s been a while since I practised that.

This is what my fuel valve looked like when I could visually spot Mozdok.

I began to frantically search through the explainer on the Mi-8 fuel system that an Mi-17 pilot once posted to the ED forums, looking for details on the minimum amount of fuel you need in the service tank to prevent flameout of an old worn-out engine. I didn’t find anything of course, and landed with about 150 liters of fuel left in the tanks.

A very exciting flight, even though nothing happened!


I think in that mission you ought to have a failure and land at Beslan. Although I could also happily make Mozdok when I played that.


You guys are obviously too good at flying helis.


Only failures I got were generator failures at take-off (duh, engines couldn’t handle my sudden request for power through the collective), and one scripted radar altimeter failure, if I am to believe the co-pilot. Strange that the radar altimeter was working again a short while after his callout.


And failures may be broken in that mission.
But yeah, we’re definitely too good at flying helicopters


That’s what I would guess!

Undoubtedly! We are the envy of the DCS Skies :wink:



Now, a broken failure sounds like a disaster…



Big THANKS to @SkateZilla for this DCS Revert instructions!

We ran into a multiplayer synch issue with the latest release -


it’s easier w/ the app…



We don’t appear to have a Hormuz thread yet :expressionless:


Hmmmmmm DCS Camel spider… not to be confused with “camel toe”,… no… we won’t go there


Today was my first close look at NTTR since the lighting update. This is pretty nice. :slight_smile:

It’s also my first time up in the L-39ZA… ever? I took the C model up for a few minutes but I really can’t recall actually flying the ZA before. They sure look fast but those stores add a lot of drag. My poor chase aircraft is pulling some serious AoA to stay in formation.

And of course, the Viggen looks cool from any angle…


That is the truth! :sunglasses:


The Viggen has a real in your face look, and once you realize it has a three stage afterburner you know its a valid one!