Destiny 2

Unlike @PaulRix I’m not hard on your wallet :wink:


I have Destiny 2 already but never installed it.

Does it do co-op? Should we try a co-op play through or something to liven it up? I’ve heard the main story is good but short and that in single player a bit dry. Willing to give it a go though.

So it does coop campaign but you have to play first two missions solo to unlock the ability to do so from what Google tells me.

I’m down to give it a go. Once the kids are down I’ll start the download. So dl start in like 30. Be able to play tonight probably.

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Yeah, let me try the first couple of missions. Installing now. I think it supports 3 players in co-op, but not sure.

Would give this a go as well. Downloading in few minutes

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That’s a big download

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It’s like a currency - do I want to spend 80 GB on this? Hmm.

I’ve downloaded and starting it up.

My Blizzard tag is ‘fearlessfrog’ of course, so friend up.

Not even half way done yet

So far pretty impressive. Halo with nicer graphics. Good shooter.

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Ok, played through the single player bits and at the meet-up point. After some food tonight I’ll squat on teamspeak to see if anyone is at the same point and wants to co-op. I guess that took about 45 mins to get through.

Now downloading the 8gb update.

This better be the best free game I have ever gotten for free.


It’s quite good - solid gunplay and pretty. It does take a bit to get through the prologue single player missions. When you get to the ‘Farm’ you have to do the first mission from the ‘hawk lady’ in single player first. After that we can play in co-op. You’ll be an hour or so, so ping back and we can perhaps start tomorrow night if really late for you and @Rhinosaurus’s time.

Very tempting… but… 80gigs?

Pretty game is pretty. 10/10 would try to shoot the hawk again.

So big bad Bane guy shows up and stomps me and the rest of humanity. I am now the sole hope of the resistance…well…along with everyone else who has 80gbs of space to spare.

Gunplay is fun no doubt. and did I mention pretty game is pretty? They are proud of their engine for sure. Imagine if flight sims had this budget.

So far worth every penny I didn’t pay for it. Made it to the farm but will do resistance lady mission tomorrow.

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Ya 80 Gbs is steep, this is a big chunk of my monthly data transfer limit, and I’ve got kids. And Netflix :slight_smile:

Just in case, I got it…
Now I have to find 80 GB…

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No joy


Oh yeah, is a bit weird. You have to use the full ‘battle tag’ (sigh) with numeric id. Try adding:


For anyone else - Tankerwade#11715

On now for a bit