DiRT Rally 2.0 League - Discussion

Since most of us are going to have some time on our hands… How about a Mudspike DR2.0 league?

The good news, is that we can cross platform, so whether you have it on PC, Xbox or PS4 you can join the same league. We can hash out more details, but first would like to see if there is any interest.

Here is the link to the club itself https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/251333 or you can search for Mudspike QL.

I have it set to where I need to approve membership, so if I can get someone to help me test that process it would be appreciated (@chipwich maybe?)


I have the game and would be interested, I am terrible though.


Being good isn’t a requirement.

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I have dirt rally 2 and all dlc. Interested

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If one of you all could attempt to join the club just so I can see what I need to do on my end to approve members it would be greatly appreciated.

Once I kick my son off of doom I will.


Yes I have dirt Rally 2 as well. I’m awful at dirt tracks :slight_smile:

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Hmmmm I have part one but haven’t played the second one yet. I’ll say… maybe.


Request Pending

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What I’m aiming for is a bit of fun and distraction, not the old, spend all week mastering course and wait till the last minute to post times because; winning rawr.

I pre-ordered this stupid thing, have all the DLC’s and a total of 4 hours played… I don’t know the tracks by heart or some at all.

Anyway, more of a distraction than hardcore seriousness as it might be elsewhere, figured we all have too much time on our hands, might make some use of it.

Denied approved

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I’m in the same boat. I’ve played 100 minutes as of today. Bought it on sale with all the DLC’s, messed around in VR one night.

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There are some questions I have that will be figured out so I can set up a short test run:

First these are the only “advanced” options that can even be set.

That leaves the question of, if you don’t have the dlc, can you race that course anyway.

Do you need to actually buy the car in game, what about upgrades? I know you could force it so that all cars of the same make and model where “equal” in the first game, it’s not showing as an advanced option here, so we’ll only really find out those finer details once we test it out.

Request pending.

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got it

I have a test run going over the weekend, just picked a random car class atm. So if you want some practice runs they are up.


I jumped in to see if it worked. Started a shake down, and now my car is a smoldering heap on jack stands in the garage. Looking forward to this.


Bwahahaha I’m just going to apologize in advance for Stage 3.

Stage 1 - Ooops, need to manually shift…
Stage 2 - Lost right rear tire, don’t know if continuing on was actually faster than fixing it.
Stage 3 - What idiot set this up.

Well this is why I’m running some tests, I’ll do some more with different car classes and maybe settings through the week.

got it @weaponz248


just sent a request.

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I’ll get my wheel hooked up tonight and give it a drive.

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I’ve already made some adjustments for trial 2. Based on the damage I’ve sustained in trial 1, I’m going to try adding more rest areas but adjusting duration. So a chance to repair every other stage staggered as, short, med, short, long, short.

Also, I’m up for suggestions for classes to either test or run when ready.