Does anyone want to get together this weekend and fly jets?

Wife and kids are going to be out of town, so the weekend is more or less open. I could host an MP server on a second PC that I have. I’m open to any type of flying or mission. We could start with a sandbox type and move on to something more interesting if the group feels up to it. I’m thinking that 4 (or more) players would be ideal. We could do 4-ship, then some multicrew.

If you are new to the Mudhen (we all are), that’s cool. I know just enough to get a few bombs and missiles to come off of the rails, and expect this to be a learning session.

Sunday work best for most? Thinking about 1100 EDT / 1700 CET / 0800 PDT. I live in the Eastern US (EDT or UTC/GMT -4 hours), but open to meeting on other times of day. Let me know and I’ll post server details here. I’ll probably be on the Mudspike Discord channel Friday night regardless, if anyone wants to chat or fly. -cheers

DATE: Sat 12 AUG 23
TIME: 20:00 GMT
PWD: mud-spike
MAP: Persian Gulf
A/C: F-15E, F/A-18C, F-5E, Mirage F1 (Hot start from parking.)
Mission is based on Operation Iron Splinter by RocketmanAL. If you download the archive, there are is a PDF with briefing. I’ve added aircraft and changed the wind direction so that we don’t have a long taxi. Active is 09.



I’d love to, but that is like 0100 the next day for me :frowning:

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Mudspike has a Discord channel? Don’t remember that. I’ll check it out. (*done)

Can’t tag along, though - don’t have that aircraft :wink:

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I’m open to other time zones. Which one are you in HB?

Yes, click the megaphone at top right. Do you own the Hornet or Harrier Johnny?

Could do the Harrier - just need to relearn it.

GMT +10 (East Coast Australia time zone)… But the big issue for me is latency/lag due to satellite internet access: 500-600m/s on a good day.

Multiplayer (in any game) is pretty much off the menu for me.

OK, Harry you sound like you are out. MigBuster, what TZ are you in?

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Oh man, nothing would make me happier than to share a virtual cockpit with you Chipwhich…

Being in Central Europe might prove tough, time wise… But… If we talk about between Saturday and Sunday I could very well stay up late and do something cool.

Feel like this could work out?

BTW: Would you prefer to fly your own airframe solo or share one? And in case of the latter, Pilot or WSO? I’m ready to do both.

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GMT + 1 so never ideal.

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In one! :wink:

I can start and take off and land - but have actually never learned any of the weapon systems on it (or targeting systems)

Same with the Hornet - and most other modules :smiling_face:

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Which is the easiest (i.e. quickest) to learn basic weapons on - Hornet or Harrier?

Of course I know A-10C and F-16C types, so not as if HUD guidance etc would be entirely new.

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Guys, does Sat night 1900 CET work? That way I can join at 1300.

@komemiute I’d be honored to have you as a WSO, but also happy to have you as pilot. Your choice.

@MigBuster what aircraft do you feel comfortable in?

@Johnny I’ll see if I can find/build a Mudhen mission that also has Viper or Warthog.


Ok Dan - no worries if not :wink: I’ll gen up on the Hornet WCS


Cool for me. We could even do half and half. :+1:

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Currently F-5 maybe
I can do the Harrier - can just do some dumb bomb drops.

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Oh damn, I just remembered - potential show stopper!

This would be on open beta, right? I think stable and beta might currently be the same - not sure, but anyway, when I installed the OB and tried to fly with Freak, the performance was awful. Really choppy - very bad also just in the server lobby and took eons each for sim, lobby and missions to load - when the mission or server would finish loading at all. Many things just didn’t work, probably due to latency, even on low ping servers (<50ms).

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Yes. I think that it largely depends on the mission, but see what your ping is. I’ve got a mission loaded now for testing.

Pwd: mud-spike
A/C: F-15E, F/A-18C, F-5E
Hot start from parking.

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Sadly I cannot be up and running at 1900 CET

Best i can do is sadly much later - like 2200 CET :unamused:
I’m really really sorry.


I would love to join, but those are exactly the planes I don’t have.

I understand if the player count got too high already or if you are busy with other things, but if you could drop in one of the below aircraft for me, I’d be really happy.
Whatever works for your mission.

  • AV-8B - I can do most anything with it: dumb bombs + rockets, TGP (can buddylase for the F-5s), LGB, (L)JDAM pre-planned or TOO with or without TGP, Sidewinders, Sidearms. Love landing it hot, high and heavy, or VL.
  • M-2000C - dumb bombs, A2A basics, WVR + BVR, not very skilled but know the procedures.
  • F-14 - Same. Used to do TGP+LGB too but the display broke in multithreading.
  • Mirage F1 (prefer EE) - mostly just as a fast bomb truck, skills are sorely lacking in A2A. Could be fun if you want someone to laser designate for, or just a fast delivery of ■■■■ loads of retarded bombs.

If not, I can probably activate an F-5 trial.

Let me know what works for you, I’ll check Mudspike shortly before so I can fill up for any late cancellations too.

1900 CEST so: 2023-08-13T17:00:00Z right?

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It was 18:00 today I thought although could do 21:00 to wait for others.

Might be better as have a PC to build.

If Chipwich is the only one in an F-15 might be time to rearrange.

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