DOSBox Nostalgia Thread

Too bad about CAP2. It looked great but IMO the issue was he didn’t spend his time on the things that would’ve brought him more customers first.

You can backfill fidelity and such later, but users need things to do and enjoy primarily. If they can get bored after flying for 2 hours, spending all the time in the world on bomb fall ballistics or whatever isn’t going to help.

Remember the Apache sim that someone was working on for years? I am totally blanking on his name, he was making it in Unity like the new Gunner HEAT PC tank sim-lite that’s now in Steam early access. He had a forum on SimHQ for it and he had tons of pics and lots of work done, but I think he needed to get a playable framework that could be built onto done first and then worried about the details later.
He never released anything.

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Combat-helo I think?

That did look like it could have really been something, bummer it didn’t work out for whatever reason.

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There is significant difference between DCS modules like is F/A-18, F-16, F-14 or MiG-21 Bis and Pakistan’s JF-17. ED and other developer could use publicly available resources about those “relatively” modern aircraft.
For example: Falcon BMS developers and ED in case of F-16 are using almost the same public resources which are mostly for earlier version of F-16A/MLU (like block 50/52).
On the other hands Pakistan’s JF-17 is relatively newly developed aircraft developed and there are no any public manuals available which could confirm avionic possibilities as well as performance of radar or weapons.

Yeah, CAP2 … right. Seems that market is too small nowadays but I don’t think so that something like DID EF-2000/TAW or Jane’s Fighter Anthology like was presented in IAF and USAF products later would be not profitable if you will reach out right customers on the market.

You can’t be serious competitors of DCS World or Falcon BMS (at least from beginning) because for these you need to have a well-motivated and skilled team of developers (guessing something between 10-50 or smaller if your plans are not to make hardcore simulation) with strong finance support on the background.

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Ran across this, apologies if it’s already been posted on here.

Seems like it could scratch a nice nostalgic itch if it pans out.


Watching the screenshots, sad thats not have in-cockpit view.

it has … just some Apache is blocking the view :smile: :wink:


That looks interesting. Might be a strange one with the mix of in depth systems modelling and the graphics style. But it looks pretty fun!


The pinned threads on the Steam discussions page make for some good reading; hopefully this one will pan out.

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Helicopter Gunship DEX is being developed because the dev wanted to start with smaller terrain while developing Stealth Fighter DEX:

Both will use the same engine. If he manages to pull it off both might end up being a fun fan-remakes of Microprose Stealth Fighter and Gunship. Keeping fingers crossed…

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oh that makes sense, don’t know how I missed that!

I remember you posting about an f-19 stealth fighter type game, I’m sure that’s how it ended up on my wish list. Wonder what’s up with the "DEX’ or “DEC”? Doesn’t really matter either way I guess just curious.

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Thanks for letting us know about this. Just added it to my wishlist :slight_smile:

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Thanks for notification, I also didn’t know about it. I read steam discussion. He is only one person who si developing those simulator platfrom (land, naval, air) therefore is unrealistic to expect dynamic campaign like was in DID EF-2000/TAW or MicroProse Falcon 3/4 like people are expecting in steam discussion.

I have little bit mixed feelings from those two sims but better than nothing new on the market. Hopefully it will be still with acceptable level of realism. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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As a tradition whenever new DCS module is close to release I take a look at older flight sims featuring the bird that’s about to drop. Since Mudhen is pretty close on the horizon, lets see how it looked 30 years ago in a Microprose F-15 Strike Eagle 3 - the first study flight sim from MPS.


Spent many an hour in that one and the Jane’s one that followed soon after.

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Still have them running and installed on my win10 pc :slight_smile: they are true classics.

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Helicopter Gunship DEX coming to early acces on Steam in a week.

It’s being made by the guy who works on Stealth Fighter DEX.

ss_d638afb0c42824a552857d3b2dd8b5103f997ee6.jpg (1921×1080) (


This lite-sim game is actually pretty good (and FUN!).

First mission

You can ripple-fire laser Hellfires!

and the fireworks!


Its on my wishlist. Worth a punt?

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Despite Early Access it’s already playable and enjoyable. And there are more features coming. Fixes are being implemented few times a day! Personally I’m glad someone is making this type of flight sim and will support it all the way.

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Im looking forward to the stealth dex as well.
Might give this one a go over Christmas

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