DOSBox Nostalgia Thread

I had some doubts about the Stealth Fighter DEX, but after playing Helicopter Gunship DEX and knowing that the same guy is making it I’m much more hopeful now.

Looks like it’s going to a lot of fun; I picked it up but am holding off playing a little while as setting up the controls are a real pain. I’m sure in a couple of weeks it’ll get sorted out though.

Today’s udate introduced Track IR support. Now it’s a lot easier to look for targets you can just slave the TADS to IHADSS. Also using the gun in IHADSS mode is a lot of fun.

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Was this made using Unity engine? Unreal? Anyone know?


Oh, that’s exactly what the other former helo guy was doing a few years back, making an Apache sim in Unity. He was calling it Combat Helo, I think, had a forum on SHQ and all, I’m blanking on his name.

This isn’t him I take it?

Richard ‘Flexman’ Hawley.

He has a blog at I don’t know much about these game engines, but it’s been a while since the last update.