DOSBox Nostalgia Thread

Another gameplay video from the beta - this time with the Lewis utility helicopter (clearly inspired by Huey) and 16 color EGA graphics mode.

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Hey yall! You absolutely have to wishlist and preorder this one! Also tell all your friends!


Another blast from the past - who remembers Flight Unlimited 2 from Looking Glass Studio released in 1997?


I flew that one or two times at a friend’s house but it didn’t click with me.

I had the special edition of this in one of those popular multiple game cd-rom collections.

What made it special was that it only had one plane. Felt like my first scam :wink:

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I remember getting Flight unlimited 1 demo on the cover of 1996 (i think) pc format magazine and had a blast flying around at 6fps for months


My Pentium 75MHz could handle that with at least 20FPS in 320x200 res. With anything lower than 10 FPS I wouldn’t be able to cope with.

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I enjoyed this one the most out of the 3 that came out. First one was basically a tech demo (only aerobatics) while the 2nd one added proper big chunk of the Bay Area, adventures, ATC, AI traffic, weather, time of day etc. 3rd one added more aircraft and new area, improved weather, but overall wasn’t as big of a leap as the 2nd one.

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Same here!
Loved the rain droplets on the windshield and the immersive sounds. Random failures was a cool feature as well as seaplanes. Lots of fun!

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That was actually one of my favorite titles, specifically because it could teach you how to fly acro. I had never seen anything like it in a sim before, and I have fond memories of working my way through the different manuevers.


Just bought all of Command & Conquer for less than a tenner. What a steal :smiley:

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I don’t know if I mentioned it here or elsewhere but the first Flight Unlimited was my favorite. At the time it was the only sim that focused on aerobatics and I felt that it did it well.


If anyone tomorrow wants a match on C&Cnet tomorrow, me and obi are ready

I liked the sequel better, but the first was truly awesome! I remember seeing it on the shelves with Pentium CPU in the recommended specs and that I never thought I’d ever be able to afford one… Yes, the rapid pace of PC hardware advancement and the corresponding deprecation of said hardware, was lost on me in those days :smile:


Interesting fact: F/A-18 Interceptor for Amiga 500 released in 1988, had really realistic representation of the scale of the area modelled in game (SF Bay Area).

Note that I was also testing apparent fix for the game which apparently fixes timiing issues on faster Amiga models - lower right corner - looks like it doesn’t.


Tutorial for Thunder Helix inspired by @wagmatt great tutorials for DCS modules. Hope you don’t mind Wags. :sweat_smile:


Pretty cool upcoming helo flight sim by indie dev Hijon Park you can get here:

Built on Untiy, supports Track IR, has clickable cockpit and pretty solid flight model (and simplified one as well). I’ll be presenting some gameplay here: