Elite Dangerous Thread


Yes - have that bookmarked from early days.


will start heading in that direction


I’ll be on this evening again - I installed the HCS pack today - had the thing since November 2014 and only just installed it!

Wasn’t overly impressed with Voice Attack - been using other programs for several years - so I didn’t bother with it. That and their approach to a manual, which is just producing videos.

VA has actually been randomly crashing on me - even with nothing else running. I’ll see how it goes, later.


What are you using in lieu of VA?


VAC or dwvac if ya like


Tried a few others, but VAC always came out on top. Started of with Voice Buddy, back with Doom3 - was great fun for that.

ps - please, nobody buy Voice Buddy - and charging $39.95 for it, like at FSPS is just robbery. Shouldn’t be allowed. It’s very old and has no support, and unlike advertised, it is not suitable for FSX (they say it is, and they provide an “update” but all it does is put empty folders for FS9 aircraft into FSX - it’s a sham). You can see the screens are from Windows XP.



Turns out this engineer is not in the system I was sent to - and now I had to travel around 40ly further to find her place, which offers nothing, but as others, the engineer requires stuff before it will help. Not decided if I want to go fetching stuff for that or not.

On my way back to Chagin for now.


I am pretty sure you know, but engineers require unlocking for them to introduce themselves to you. They then require something to let them interact with you. Then the actual process of engineering requires materials. Different materials for different levels and items for engineering. You will start at level one, but you then have to keep engineering to get favour with the engineer to gain better tiers in engineering.

So if you are going to engineer. Nt what materials for different levels f the stuff you want to engineer and farm them


Yeah, I’m back in Chagin now - I do like this place. All those planets and only two outposts and two surface stations.

Anyway, I digress… I have just been checking the route to Maia, to pick up the materials requested. It’s only 19 jumps in an empty ship and probably 23-25 in a full one (I hear liquid oxygen is sought after at Maia), so I may well start off there later today and bring the stuff back tomorrow.

Mind you - the engineer did say something about introducing me to an engineer who knows what they are doing - so I hope this material doesn’t just get me swapped from one engineer to another one, because I don’t think that would be worth the hassle.


It shouldn’t. Getting favour with some engineers will unlock other engineers.


Forgot to mention, that materials needed to engineer may not be materials at all, they can be anomalous scans. E.g. special type of jump wake that you need to purchase a scanner for.


Right - currently it’s the standard “meta-alloys” that she wants.

I’m just having a look this time, for the first time. If it seems more than it’s worth, I’ll levae it in future.

I’m always mystified what the various rewards are meant to be for, when I do jobs. They have very interesting sounding names, but I have no idea if they can be used to make my ship better, so I just sell them - usually they are worth a good bit each.

I also upgraded my Asp’s armour - I read once that bio-weave (if that’s what itt’s called?) shields are supposed to be better, so I paid out the extra cash and bought some.


Bi-weave is essentially a weaker shield that recharges nearly 2.5 times faster I think. Increased power requirements, too.

All depends on your ship/style I guess.


Imho, Engineers is just another word for grind fest in Elite.

I did some Level 1 unlocking but if you want more, it develops into a big time sink of repetive work.

For the explorer engineer you need to source “meta-alloys” (as you already pointed out), which is an alien item not to be found easily inside the bubble. I think Maia is the nearest source.


some of the unlocks are quite useful … I have managed to increase the top (boost speed) of my ship to nearly 500m/s from 380m/s … comes in handy when the fight gets ugly :grin:


And how long did you grind for it? :smiley:


Finally found a 5A FSD to up my empty jump to 29ly. Cost me 3 million cr with trade in of my 5B, though. Good job I’m making plenty just now.

Some bugger in an Anaconda came barrelling into the station I was leaving correctly and knocks me for six, and I get a damn fine! Cheek.


gotta jink those ana’s man


good jump range, you are going to get places quick now.


not that long probably no more than 5/6 hours play time whilst doing other stuff :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a question - the fine I got for the bump with the 'Conda has a countdown timer on it. If I don’t pay it within the week shown, does it lapse or do I get a bounty on my head?