Elite Dangerous Thread


It’s interesting. Like this.

I made it for you*.

*No I didn’t it’s a reddit ripoff.


There are certain stations (under contacts) for paying off non-matured bouties and fines. Found my first one the other day and didn’t realise i had such a wealth of “naughty boy tickets” even though i was showing clean in all the systems i had visited.


OK. My problem is that I have no idea where the claimed offence was committed - and it sinply says “Federal” - but every station I have looked at, has not had anything to pay.

I’m currently still on my way to Maia, with a hold full of superconductors. I’ve been doing a lot of scanning along the way, but am leaving some to do on the return trip.

What amazes me is that I have had several of the pirate type threat messages, but only one attempted interdiction. I looked into the messages UI and saw two that I hadn’t even noticed, from several minutes earlier. Is it possible they give up if you are fuel scooping?


Depends on where in the system they spawn in i guess.


All I was doing was scooping some fuel immediately after the jump, then scanning the closest bodies and moving on to the next jump.


For that you have to go to an Anarchy system (if memory still serves me) and in the Contacts section of the outpost/base there should be a broker that allows you to “get clean” by paying a small extra fee on top of the fines.

No to worry you, it’s really a small sum.


Well the fine is only 200cr - silly to have so much bother over such a poxy amount!

But… yehar! I have arrived in the Maia system - and after selling my superconductors at Obsidian Orbital, the first mission offered was for over 300k, so I was smiling - especially as it got me to Mona’s Hub, along with several other stacked jobs. Now I got a mission or two to Darnielle’s Progress, which I would otherwise have had to go scanning for, where I can pick up the meta alloy I need for the engineer. Now also have another two explorer engineers offering their services.

On the way, I passed through a systems with loads of planets, suns etc and scanned the entire system. It took a while - but it got me 980,000cr :slight_smile: (scanned others, but this one got me nearly half a million on its own)
During the whole time there, I didn’t see a single ship and the place was completely uninhabited. Surely a miner’s paradise?

I was also kicking myself for not investigating the large number of USS in that system. They were bound to be interesting, with it being unpopulated, but I had a full hold, so decided against it. Then I get to Maia and am offered a couple of big payout jobs for finding alien materials. Looks like I’ll be going back to that system!

I’m currently in ‘space’ morning, afternoon and evening every day!


Wow, what a session! It can get pretty horrendous in VR when it’s really warm and humid.

The upside is, I’ve been and collected the bits from Maia - came back to Deciat to the engineer - carrying a hold full of gold! Yup - some bugger tried to interdict me whilst I was scooping fuel and I ended up with loads of heat damage and had to use a heatsink that ended up nearly freezing me and my ship.

Worth it, though. My new bestest bud engineer gave me loadsa upgrades. 5 scanner upgrades, 5 engine upgrades and an upgrade to my FSD that sees it running up considerably faster and increaing my jump range to 27.7ly fully laden and 32.5ly empty. The ship handles awesomely now. I never realised all those materials you gather on your travels that you can’t sell are used by the engineers - and it turned out I had lots of useful stuff, hence the scanner and engine upgrades.

Well, I want to get a little bit more money together, so I bought myself a Vulture for doing local jobs. Like it so far. Just got to do some basic upgrades and it should be fun. Oh - and I managed to pay that fine that had blossomed from 200cr into 500! Still nothing, though, so who gives…


For those using SteamVR, how do you launch the game? If I click the desktop icon, it sends me to 2D. If I right-click Steam and select “Elite Dangerous”, it sends me to 2D. The only way I know is to right click Steam, click “library” and click "Elite Dangerous under the VR tab. Even then it still requires that I also click the “VR” choice before the app runs. I feel like I am missing a simple step. Thanks.


Just set the rendering settings inside elite to 3d and it’ll always require an hmd. Forget what the exact name for the setting is.


So where is everybody? I’m still close to Chagin atm - I intend using the AspX for my stuff out in the ulu and the Vulture for fun & games, hopefully with the group now & then.

If we want to meet up for some seshes, we need to agree on a system to meet in. I’m happy to hang around that system at other times, so I have my Vulture close by when required. It has a pretty crappy jump range just now - only about 7ly. I will upgrade that, but it will be a little while. Gotta get me some decent pew-pew first :slightly_smiling_face:


I arrived at the farseer base last night so should be in the area…


Thanks but that doesn’t work. The 3D settings are “anal…anal…analsomethingoranother” and “side by side”, neither of which seem to have anything to do with the hmd.


Oh great - fancy a bit of bounty hunting? I was on Mudspike TS Elite channel last night, whilst in the game - I will try and remember to do that every time I’m on. Have we friended-up in game?


don’t think i have you on friend list … just fire over an invite … in game name is tempusmurphy
we may have to set up a mudspike private list


Sure - I have a private Brixmis group - it says 5 members, but I only know of 3!

We could start a Mudspike private group


Let’s do this!


Well, winged-up with Murph this evening and we went off for a furball at a nearby (had to be close due to my ship’s dismal range) RES.

I think we hit each other just as much as we hit any other ships! And I definitely left a few dents in the local asteroids! :grin:

This was Murph, throwing his weight around…

…and then barging past to get first into the dock, as well…

Seriously, though, had a good time, thanks. Look forward to the next one. I did one more quick job after you left, though Zahn didn’t have any upgrades in the mid-cost area, so I had to go back to Garay, where I was able to upgrade a few bits and increase my jump range a bit. I’ve switched back to the AspX for now, to try and get some easy trade cash for more upgrades to the Vulture.

I’m deffo keeping that Vulture - a good fighter and sounds so sexy… :stuck_out_tongue:


That was some good fun and hunting until I took a face full of fire from that Fed gunship …lol could be even more fun with a full wing of ships …(and probably more crashes )


Gaming till sunrise … brings back memories. :wink:

It’s literally sunrise time in the UK right now right? :slight_smile:


Nevermind … but oh, the sweat memories …

I better go to bed. :slight_smile: