Elite Dangerous Thread


No… I wish … Those days of all night gaming session are far behind me … I just checked the forum thins morning whilst getting ready for work :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha ha - I can just imagine that. Especially in the belt.


Guys, I disbanded my group so that I could make a Mudspike one, but you can’t do that. The group has to be named after a commander - so I reformed the Brixmis group and invited all those on my friends list from here.

If you haven’t had a friend request or group invite, please let me know and I will send the relevant request.


Okay - information incoming!

If you are into combat bonds and such like, I highly recommend a visit to the HIP38129 system It is currently in a state of civil war, and there are not only loads and loads of conflict zones of all persuasions, there is also loads of military style jobs - including smuggling weapons, explosives etc. Made myself a nice tidy sum there.

There’s no shortage of stations, either:

HIP 38129

That’s all in the one system! :open_mouth:

As far as the Mudspike group is concerned, I think it would be a good idea to base ourselves in Arawan. Plenty of RES there and all sorts of things to do. There is only a single outspost - but there are plenty of decent ones in neighbouring systems.


That sounds like a pretty interesting system …who is it aligned with… Imperial or fed


HIP is feds, Arawan is indie.

That Chagin system is another good one to base in, of course. That’s feds, too. I’ve since also found an unpopulated system that has some high metal content planets in it - don’t know if that’s of use, though, as we can’t drill for it. Maybe there is collectable stuff on the surface of such planets?

btw - I know it’s party night, but I’ll be on Elite again, this evening.


'nuff said…



Lol how are you getting so much friendly fire?


Ohhh no. Lol


So @tempusmurphy is now considered armed and dangerous? What are you trying to make me infer here? :slight_smile:


I feel terrible … still don’t know what happened there …:pensive:


Heh heh - no, in all fairness it was easy for Murph to mistake my little, dark Vulture for the great big, white Clipper we were fighting!

Nah - it was a high intensity situation in a hazardous RES, with lots of big threats (and big icy asteroids) around. These things happen… (to some… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ). - Nope, I’m really enjoying milking this! Don’t worry - I’m not bothered , really. I still have my AspX, even if I had no money left then.

I sold the Vulture (can always buy another one later down the line), but Garay didn’t have any Vipers, so I went for the Cobra III instead and kitted it out with the best that was available at Garay. Reasonable FSD, powerplant, etc, and military grade armour.

Also put on two gimballed multi-cannon (3C) as they seemed to do so well against the Clippers and Anacondas last night, for targeting subsystems, at least, and also fitted two missile launchers.

Ready to rock! :space_invader:


I will find somewhere and pick up a vulture and trick one out … :slightly_smiling_face:… I think I may have caught you with the wing on my clipper when diving in on that target clipper


It’s possible. When I last looked at my ship’s status after the last few hits from the Clipper, I was down to just 2% and although my FSD had been charging up, at that point it failed, due to lack of anything to charge up from.

I think at that point, if I’d farted the ship would have fallen apart.


I think that I almost did that to @near_blind back many months ago when we were fighting something or other. He happened to pass in front of me and I was totally focused on the target. I hit him and drew the angst of the cops :slight_smile:


“Farted” :). Is that really what they call it? Someone really needs to post a dictionary of common ED lingo.


Oh btw, Murph, I ended up with 168 video clips! :smile:

(for those not ‘in the know’ I had assigned my game recording hotkey to the same one as my TS PTT :grimacing: )


that is Epic …:smile:… now that would be one hell of an editing job


It wouldn’t be that long, though - most of them are about 6-7 seconds long. Only one is about 9 minutes.

That’s a lot of waffle!


does recording have any effect on your frame rates and what software do you use ?