Elite Dangerous Thread


It has negligible effect on framerates - more in FSX and P3D than other sims or games, but even that is minimal.

I normally use D3DGear - it has seperate modes for desktop and game recording and can be adjusted in many ways, if desired, for quality, performance effect etc, and can be used for streaming and so-on, if I ever do that (which I doubt).

It’s also currently the only program that can record directly from the Rift output, so I use it for 3D SBS videos, too. The file sizes are much smaller than other recording utes produce, too.

I also occasionally use Movavi recorder, which is what I use when I am using the Rift, but recording in 2D from the monitor. I haven’t noticed much performance impact for that, but I haven’t used it that much. It’s also what I use for editing.


Did some trading today - suddenly getting much higher paid jobs, even though I got rid of 1/3 of my cargo space for a FMU. Travelled 50ly for one job with over 500k payout - now very far out and tomorrow have more to do, even further.

I also got my first navy job and - take a step back in astonishment - achieved the dizzy height of promotion to recruit!

tbh I would like more navy jobs - I want to get up to midshipman because I really fancy the Federal Dropship. I can easily afford it - just need to get the rank. I like the look of what it has and what it can be upgraded to. Yummy.

@tempusmurphy , I had a little peek in my comms panel and guess what I found today?..

oooh, the pangs of temptation… :vulcan_salute:


LOOOL … I dont think i am ever going to live that down :slightly_smiling_face:… and those dropships do look quite nice … but ranking in the levels needed does take some serious grinding


Harrumph! Not happy.

Spent the whole afternoon hauling - get to the final destination for a nice bonus worth over 300k and the thing can’t contact the durned server!

Amateurs! :rage:


Thats damned inconvenient… if you just restart the game does it start you where you exited the game


Should do - I’m about to log in and try and cash it in, before spending the evening (I hope) in DCS, as I’ve been neglecting it in favour of E:D :blush:


Yes, no problems. Got the money.

Was intending going exploring, slowly in the direction of Colonia, but my first attempt at neutron jumping didn’t go well.
I’ve now returned to an area I used to operate in about 2 years ago. Unfortunately, I did my own trading with commodities and from mining, so even though I spent several months in the area, it didn’t do much for my rep. I did collect a large amount of data for the local systems at the time, though.

I will now attempt to get my navy ranking up to buy a Dropship, whilst practising my Neutron jumping now and then.


I must admit never to trying neutron jumping … I did come across one, started taking damage … and ran away …good news about the cash though


So, desktop is back up and running, and hopefully the updates will be done by the end of the day. I may be able to jump in game this weekend - I’ll let you all know.


Hey @Navynuke99, are you still out in Colonia? I was thinking I could multicrew hitch a ride and you could tour me - it would save the 44,000 LY round trip for me? :slight_smile:

I need to put back Elite on my system, so no great rush or anything, but it would be fun to see.


@fearlessfrog yep, still out there. I’ll have to investigate and figure out where I can get explorer scanners before I start heading back, and I’ll have to start learning all this multicrew stuff. Man, step away for six months and everything changes…


I got a nice surprise this evening. After a few delivery jobs, I decided to have the souped-up Cobra III that I’d stored at Deciat sent over. Imagine my surprise, to find that I had another Cobra III stored somewhere else, and also an Asp Scout stored in yet another system!

I’ll have them all, please :grin:


Apparently I have an Eagle stashed somewhere that I’ve never seen. I’ll have to check her out when I get back to the bubble.


I have got that Viper we talked about, Murph - kitted it out with decent weapons, good armour, shields etc, intermediate scanner atm - will upgrade to an advanced scanner when I find one - and am currently doing planetary jobs with it. Once they are done, I’ll be hanging out at local RES and Beacons.

Got my luvvly paint job back on…

Got a Type7 in reserve for big hauling jobs (but I’ll likely sell it soon) and the AspX stored.

The planetary jobs are lots of fun, now I have the SRV controls done - using a XBone gamepad was awful.


haven’t had a chance to elite all week …(damn work getting in the way :slightly_smiling_face:) will kit out a ship ready for another session… Nice colours there :smile:


I think I found an advanced discovery scanner nearby. I’ll jump in maybe next weekend?


Sure - I know where to get one - I have one in my Asp, it’s just not in the area I’m currently operating.

I’m using the systems Thiin, Siren, STKM 1- 626, LHS 1914 and 33 and the other nearby ones. Getting my rep up nicely. There are plenty of RES around - oh and yesterday I came across this incredible asteroid belt.

The planet had a normal one, like Saturn - but then there was a large gap (which you can fly through without dropping out of supercruise) and then it starts again and is huge. There are quite a few RES in there, too.

Also plenty of wanted ships around.

Edit: found some screenies - it’s in Gaewenki - another local system I just finished scanning:


You are in my neck of the woods i think.


Isn’t Siren real close to Branglal?