Elite Dangerous Thread


Yes - I’ve spent the last 6 hours flying around them! After finishing my planetary scan jobs (and for the first time, losing an SRV to skimmers), I switched to the Type 7. I have fitted it out for 224T cargo and also so that I can do the planetary scan jobs with it, so I don’t have to keep switching ships.

It’s been a very busy evening, with those jobs, then delivering all those tonnes all over the place.

Got another 7 scanning jobs to do - but the good thing with those is that they usually give you a few days to complete them.

Also - that job where I lost the Scarab. I was actually in the options/controllers GUI, because my scoop wouldn’t stay down (had to recover some defective bits) - when I returned to the game I found that I had been under attack by skimmers, and my shields were already gone. That’s sneaky!

Anyway, I had two jobs on that planet, and I remembered reading of an exploit, where if you have two jobs on a planet, you can complete just one and it counts both jobs as completed - so I did that! :grin:

Works well, I can confirm.


Yeah job stacking is a real cash cow. Find the right system with the right state of economy and the money rolls in multiple millions


It’s the same with the kill (insert faction here)ships you can stack those and get multiple rewards


Sold my T7 tonite and rebought myself a Vulture and kitted it out with all the A spec gear - except for the thrusters. Settled for a 5B, as the 5A thruster set is a gobsmacking 5 million creds! :astonished:

All done at Kotov in Thiin - best outfitting station in the area, by far.

Another half dozen scanning jobs done and I got a bounty on my head for first time in years. Well, if the buggers shoot at me, I’m gonna shoot back! :slight_smile:

Now is the time to kill me, Murph :grin:

94% close to the midshipman rank I need to buy my Fed Dropship. I’ve been reading a lot of forum posts and it gets a lot of flak - but it’s all from people who never owned one! The only one I came across who had owned one was well pleased with it.

Anyway, gotta get back to the unbelievable sexy sound of that Vulture engine! :sunglasses:


Just spent some time back in the elite universe … picked up a viper and tricked the hell out of it …:slightly_smiling_face:
so will now be heading back towards your location


Roger diddley.

I just picked up another load of planetary jobs - I’ll get cracking on those. I’m up to 100% on the Fed rank - so one more Navy job should do it - though I have 3 on my task list.

I tried to record my sexy Vulture engine sounds earlier, but it didn’t record :frowning:
Oh well. I have christened it “Veronica”. Veronica Vulture :slight_smile:
Back in the 70’s and 80’s, Veronica was our favourite Dutch TV channel - cause they had lots of films in English, with Flemish subtitles, and lots of, y’know. naughty films :princess: all the time. No prudes over there, matey!


would that have been on the old analogue sky channels … before they went digital and we lost all the “interesting” european channels … i remember some good german ones


May have been - but I was serving in BAOR at the time, and was stationed near the Dutch/Belgian border, where we got it straight from the Dutch transmitter :slight_smile:

In the 70’s my old man was there, too, with RAFG, so we got to watch it then, as well. Mind you, that was before BFBS TV was so widespread, so at that time the German TV stations used to show films in English, too.

Nice of all these friendly European countries to accommodate us Brits! :grin:


Heads up, guys - this evening Murph and I are planning to wing up and go out and cause mayhem in FK5 2550. All welcome, who fancy a rumble.

We’re going in our trick Viper IIIs (leaving the big guns at home) bounty hunting at the RES near Jemison Dock. Jemison Dock is an outpost, so no large docking there, anyway. There are also a couple of useful stations closer to the sun there.

We may also use a second area of RES - look at the screenie I posted 3 days ago of the extended ring near the Kozin Vision planetary base in Geawenki. There are several RES there, as well as local conflict zones, so plenty of action around.

The best nearby outfitting station is at Kotov, in Thiin. These 3 systems are very close to each other.

As a by-the-by, Murph, you can still get those European stations via satellite. I bought a DIY kit from Maplin and set it up with a motorised base. You can get all the necessary settings from the internet - even if you don’t have a compass, there are ways of making sure you have the dish pointing in the right direction. I use ASTRA and two of the EUTELSAT satellites and get just about everything in Europe (excluding Scandinavia) and the Middle East, without getting up from my recliner :slight_smile:


Looking forward to blasting some ships … ( Hopefully not yours :slightly_smiling_face:. Should be there at about 8pm


Can an old veteran from the first Eranin Civil war help out?
@tempusmurphy do you guys fly in your old Private group? I’m still part of that.
I got my new “Voodoo Child” Viper mk.IV kitted out and I love to fly it… :slight_smile:
Only if it’s not a problem…


Mk iv for the win. At least until I can afford something bigger. At this rate that’ll be when I retire from my real life job.


But the way @fearlessfrog if you still want to hitch a ride, I’ll be leaving Colonia on the next couple of days.


I sent out invites to my group for everyone on my friends list - I can send them again, if required. We can’t do a Mudspike group, so we just stuck with the Brixmis one.

We will be in Viper III’s - though I might give my Vulture a go, if Murph promises not to destroy it. I want to get enough togther so that I can buy the Federal Dropship without having to sell any of the 3 ships I currently own.

oh - I’ll be on TS from 19:00 at the latest (BST - 18:00z)


I promise :grin:


Couldn’t help it, please continue.


So many Murphs, so little spacetime.


I must get round to seeing this film… lol


I couldn’t be arsed to try it… but when I did I regretted every second I wasted.
It’s probably one of the best Space Odissey like movies ever… not necessarily the most realistic but hell I loved it…


Passengers is a total waste of space. Pun.