Elite Dangerous Thread


Great evening (once i got my comms sorted ) … good bounty hunting with total professionalism as always :grin:


No comment.

Except that I now have my Federal Dropship :smiley:


As always. :smile:


Got a bit worried at one point - when we took on that wing of Clippers (was it? The big, nasty ones with the high-ranked pilots) and I thought “what the hell” and started shooting, and within a minute I heard Murph saying “I’m outta here…”

Noooooo! :astonished:

Luckily, our friends in the Feds came to help out - but that was a close thing. :persevere:

Actually, I think we did pretty well last night, especially as the last time we tried a Hazardous RES we had our behinds booted.


I got a bit carried away and shot at the clipper before i had scanned it and got a slap on the wrist and wanted so the feds in the area immediately started shooting at me … :fearful:runaway time …lol… but was damn good fun

whats the dropship like brix?


I haven’t tried it yet, mate.

It was very difficult not to shoot the Feds in that RES. They were continually appearing out of nowhere in a rumble, and flying across my line of fire. You have to be ready to let go of the trigger all the time, so I fully empathise with your little escapade.
I did get slightly worried, though - as we were winged-up I was expecting some “payback” from the Feds - you two were gone like ferrets up a drainpipe, while I was still sitting there, waiting for my FSD to spool up! Anxious moments.

After you two left, I cashed in my bounties and went looking for a shipyard to buy the Dropship. I couldn’t believe it - before tonight, I’d been seeing them all over the place, but after checking four systems worth of shipyards, nada. So I ended up looking on the EDDB to find one and by that time I was in even more pain in the knees (I’m having a day off today), so I bought it, upgraded one module and then went to bed. I’ve got enough for the insurance plus 100,000cr and I had to sell the Viper. No worries, though, Vipers are easy to come by.


after watching obsidian ants latest vid about the 2.4 beta which drops this week … we might have to beef our ships up a bit to deal with the oncoming Thargoid menace … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZf9J5nGZWE&t=0s


Couldn’t resist - did a few missions in the Dropship this evening :relaxed:

I don’t know what people are whinging about - I found it no worse than any of the other ships I’ve flown. Though when I switched back to the AspX, the difference was very noticable and very big! But that’s because my Asp is all alpha modules and a beast of a ship - the Dropship is barely above standard.

The engine makes nowhere near the music of the Vulture’s, but it does have it’s own character. The Vulture is like a low-revving Group B rally car, whilst the Dropship is more like an F1 car at 19,000rpm.

I made a video - will upload it tomorrow.


I’ve had lots of little bugs in Elite - whether VR related or not, I don’t know. Most of them are graphics related, but some - like the Launcher crashing - are not. Crashed again last night, though I was able to continue playing without problems.

@tempusmurphy - I was watching those videos from the other night’s action, and I can see that the reason i couldn’t keep firing my burst-lasers was that I had forgotten to put the pips to weapons (yet again), and the energy had gone to zero. It’s not surprising, considering the size of the ships we were fighting - I’ll upload a compilation of the clips, once I’ve sorted through them (this was the night I made 168 recordings).


power to weapons. The most important part of any fight.


Looking at that again - you can see one of the graphical glitches at about 01:15 - it’s very short, just a flash of an image over the view. I get that quite a bit, recently - never used to. I also get a mirror image of what I can see out of the right side, in the left side, and vice-versa. May just be a reflection, but I think it’s a bug.

I also find messages, especially for FSD jumps, appearing when I’m not jumping, and the “Slow down” warning comes up repeatedly, when it isn’t relevant.

Yeah pips! I’m getting on a bit, ya know, I can’t be expected to remember everything! :dizzy_face:


The slow down message is actually happening every time you get (relatively) close to a gravitational well.
It’s not a “You should slow down, buddy” it’s actually a “You’re being slowed down,buddy”.




I find it mostly appears if I’m pointed at a stellar body and would crash.


That warning is politely reminding you that colliding with an object in something the mass of a spaceship at super luminal speeds is liable to cause an explosion big enough to wipe a state off the map, and is thus not recommended.

The warning Brix is talking about is a speed limit in place at all larger stations as you get close. If you collide with another vehicle while travelling faster than the speed limit, you are at fault and a fine is levied against you.


oh right.


just saw the graphics glitch … does it happen with any other games … and no gpu overheating ?


Must… not… shoot…!!:grin:



Possibly (P3D) - but highly doubtful it’s GPU overheating, though that is also possible in the temps we’ve been having for a couple of months now.

I’ll do some tests.

Nice pic :slight_smile: