Elite Dangerous Thread


Not a temperature issue - not with GPU, anyway - just flew an entire mission, with planetary landings etc etc and temps are in the mid 60’s with a max of 67°C

Did have plenty of connection issues with the game server - and I’ve had quite a few of those in recent weeks - problems at their end, not mine. Was unable to complete my missions as it lost connection whilst trying to hand in the goods :frowning: having already been iffy for several minutes.

I tell you, I am going to have to do something about these pedals. My knees are killing me - even with standard missions - after combat or interdiction evasion, it’s bloody agony. I’m going through my Ketamine gel at a rapid rate.

I have the Saitek Pro Cessna pedals and they are pretty stiff - even at the lightest friction setting. I thought they may be better for my legs, being copies of real Cessna pedals and therefore having my heels on the deck - but they turned out to be worse. I wish I’d kept my G940 pedals now. That used to hurt my ankles, but nowhere near as much as this set hurts my knees (have plain old Reiter’s Syndrome affecting the ankles - and legs in general - but it’s osteo arthritis in the knees :frowning: )

I tried setting the toebrakes for the yaw axis, and it does work, but it feels very unnatural and means lifting my heels off the floor for each movement. I also tried assigning the stick twist, but that just gives my wrist grief (also suffering with the Reiter’s) and the X-56 is a stiff action on the twist.

So basically, I’m buggered.


What about assigning the yaw axis to one of the hat controllers on the throttle…might be a bit easier… I have not seen any glitches like those in play … So it may be vr only related …could it be a background process interfereing with the display …don’t have any experience with vr so it’s a bit of a stab in the dark …lol


The only thing running in the background is Oculus Home library or storefront. When the image stays up a bit longer, it’s always Elite related - as I mentioned, more often than not, I get a mirror image on one side, of what is on the other.

Something else I’ve had a lot of, recently, is not going into jumps. I throttle up, get lined up etc, but the “throttle up” or “align…” messages stay onscreen much longer than they should, and I’m sitting there at full chat, waiting for the jump.

This may be something to do with the connection issues, I suppose.

I’ll see what It’s like after the patch. These are all issues from the last 2 or 3 weeks. Yesterday, the only problem was the one I just described - no graphics problems. Oh, and the lost connection, of course.

I tried assigning yaw to a hat a long time ago - bit of a disaster, I’m afraid.

PS - I did use the function where you use the joystick for yaw, whilst pressing a “roll-to-yaw” button. I could do that, but it does reduce manoeuvrability in a fight. I might give it another go.


Roll-to-yaw using a button press has been working well so far this morning. Takes some getting used to, though. Was able to avoid an interdition, but it took longer than usual. You just have to get used to flying it differently.
Did have a couple of scrapes - literally - in a station, though - and actually got stuck on one bit! Luckily no fine, though :slight_smile:

Knees feeling good is the big bonus!

I also purchased some silk gloves from Mountain Warehouse and they are great, too:

No more allergy worries! I also just bought a CH yoke from ebay - to use for the civvy flight sims.


2.4 OPEN BETA is here!


trailer for 2.4… should be working now


Removed by user - it’s the Thargoids!!





Just so long as they don’t impede on me getting back to the bubble.


I am really enjoying this Python!

Must admit, I had my concerns, as Murph can tell you - wasn’t sure what to get, and with so many people complaining about the Python having been nerfed in a patch, and turning like a barge etc (though they all seemed to agree it’s a flying tank), I thought I may be selling it again before long.

The trip back from Kamadhenu is a good example. In the standard Python it would have taken me 37 jumps! :open_mouth:

In the AspX (admittedly all A class modules) it took just 7. So I used the Asp and paid for the Python to be delivered ‘home’ to FK5 2550.

Once there, I took a risk and sold all my ships except my second, engineered AspX to pay for the Python core module upgrades. Wow - what a difference! That thing really came alive, especially with the uprated thrusters, and I’m not even on A class, yet. What a beast - and a slippery one, too! :sunglasses:

My short ‘go’ this evening turned into another 6½ hour fun sesh. Tomorrow morning I’ll be straight back into the cockpit - got a huge list of tasks to get done.

I’ve not tried it out at combat as yet - but with the hardware I have fitted, I wouldn’t like to be facing me! After the tedium of the CG, good times are here again! :grin:


I really need to figure out how to catch some of the joy you all get from this game. Now that I am mostly over its shear beauty, I am at a complete loss what to do with it.


My problem is time. I’m scraping two hours for some shooters … I just don’t have the capacity to play properly.


That is the problem. If I really get into Elite, it’s at the expense of my flight sims. At least now I know it well enough to not have to relearn stuff, as long as nothing new has been added, so I can spend time in DCS World and then just go back to Elite and get straight into it as and when.

The disadvantage of having a bigger ship is the tendency to take on more jobs. I just looked at my task list left over from last night’s sesh…

Slightly more than just a few minute’s worth, methinks! :thinking:


Very space oriented notepad lol


Dog days whiteboard…


Made it to Polo Harbour on the Colonia Highway, first stop on the way back to the bubble. That 2400 light years was good for a cool ~25 million in exploration data.

I might make Elite by the time I get back.


Did you get your advanced scanner then? Did they start selling them in Colonia?


One of the surrounding systems that’s now occupied, a single jump away, has them in stock.


I just realised the 3rd phase of the CG has started over at Kamadhenu - so have to get my ship back over there pronto.

Just got a couple of scans to do locally (I get around 1 million credits for scans now - luvvin it!) then I’m off with the Python. Only 17 jumps to return (remember it would have been 37 jumps in the unmodded Python when I came back - so the upgrades save me 20 jumps) and I’ve got 240t cargo space on it, so should be able to get up the tariffs quickly.

This time I’ve signed up for both - so if I get interdicted I can submit and blow the pirate away to chalk up bounties for the other CG.

Fortunately, I know I can get Palladium from the same places I got the Beryllium last time, so no recce required this time around.

See ya there :slight_smile: