Elite Dangerous Thread


Just found my first earth-like planet! First finder, too. Wonder how much that’s worth…

After 3 weeks I’m starting to find it a bit tedious. Started just scanning the systems and moving on without detail scanning. Still a very long way back, though. After going to those clouds the other side of Colonia, I headed off towards Sag A - got fed up and decided to head back to the bubble.

It’s just so far away :unamused:

Oh - seconded on cargo space. You’d be amazed what you find if you go roving on planets a long, long way from anywhere.

Edit: If anyone wants to join me at all, just shout and we can arrange a rough time and I’ll open up the second seat for multi-crew. You can nudge me awake on the jumps :grin:


If I remember correctly, about 600k. I’ve found 7 or 8 now. Nice little boost to the wallet. :slight_smile:

I’m 13 jumps to Eagle Landing, and eager to be back in the bubble myself. Maybe by this weekend…


Now that could get me back into the game. A MudSpike base, a galactic rally point for shenanigans… yes…


Keeping stuff i find maybe??? LOL Just wasnt sure how getting stuff off the surface for fuel would pan out without a cargo hold


Materials are stored separately and independently of any cargo hold, if you’re talking about SRV fuel or Jumponium. However, like Brix said, there are all kinds of fun things to find on planets.


Cool if I run a diamondback explorer I’ll have no cargo room but an asp x I’ll have the ability for a cargo rack.

Also now would probably be as good a time as any but whats jumponium? I keep hearing about it.


Its been a while for me, but is it synthesis materials to overcharge your jump range?

But yeah, i always have cargo space on my ships.


Yes it is. One - time injections that can boost your jump range.

Never played with it myself. @Brix?


Yes - did a few goes with it. You can’t use the galaxy map router with it though. They have a slider so you can set your jump distance according to how much you’ve upped it by synthesis (25, 50 or 100%) but that just seems to confuse the route planner.

Talking of which - if you go exploring, don’t count too much on the accuracy of the galaxy map route planner. If you have a long route entered, when your session finishes it remembers the destination, but each time you start you have to go into the galaxy map and that will automatically make it set a new route - and it will very rarely be the same route as when you left it!

Example - yesterday I left my session with 47 jumps to my next destination. Today I started up and kicked off the planner and it came up with 55 jumps. I reset it and it then came up with 57 jumps!

I thought ‘what the hell’ and did a few jumps - sometimes that seems to give it a kick, and it comes up with what you were expecting, but this time it actually increased the jumps again. So just be aware that it has a mind of its own.

Also, there are some good planners on the internet:

https://www.spansh.co.uk/plotter/ - this for neutron jumping routes - note that it may be a longer route in LY, but it will be a lot less jumps - several hundred if you are going full range. (from Polo Harbour to the Bubble is over 700 jumps in the route planner - use this and it whittles down to 354 jumps - huge difference) but bear in mind you need to make small diversions for fuel now and then.

https://www.edsm.net/en/map/planner is another I use now and then.

Be aware that if you go off the beaten track, these planners are useless. They only cover the well trodden routes and systems.


Just arrived at Polo Harbour - handed in my scan data for a cool 32,266,446 credits. That’s 2 million more than I got for the whole trip from the Bubble to Colonia. Lost count of how many first discoverer bonuses I got.

Very happy now! btw - if you want to come to this area and were wondering about work, there are two mission givers and at the moment each was offering 8 mining missions. So if you like mining, bring your gear with you!

Also, about two dozen passenger jobs. If you have space for a business cabin, you’ll be in the money. Every one of them was a “collect data” mission - so it’s a return trip, but well paid.

I’m off to count up my bonuses! :smiley: Makes me almost forget the 17,000LY still to go!




Actually, keep an eye on your route planner and fuel supply in general. Just had the route planner try to kill me three times this evening by plotting a route through only class L, Y, and T stars, even for the “last chance” star. I’ve had to manually replot for fueling stops every time before I ran my tanks dry.


Good advice - I’ve also had a case where the planner told me I was going to a Y star - yet I was able to scoop it, so don’t always believe it’s what the planner says it is.


And this is why we sell our exploration data.


Oh bugger! :roll_eyes:

I’m in the process of dying. I was busy browsing the system map (having had the luck to find another earth-like world earlier) when I get all hell breaking loose. So I exit the map and find I am almost at the middle of the neutron star and I can’t get out, regardless of what I try.
I shoot off my heat sinks, but heat up again really quickly because I can’t get away. Then the canopy shatters.

Whilst the damage to the ship is extensive - it isn’t too bad. I have about 80% left of most modules and the hull - but the AFM unit can’t repair a shattered canopy. So now I sit for 24 minutes until my oxygen is gone - and that will be it.

To express that again: Bugger! :cry:

So I lose the data I had scanned since Polo Harbour - which wasn’t that much, though I have travelled around 2,300LY since then - I had only detail scanned 2 systems, and that earth-like world. I have no idea what my options will be when the clock runs out and I get ejected in my virtual capsule.

Bugger! :unamused:


At least I have a alibi for this and was halfway across the galaxy :grin:




I dunno - I came into the system and had my throttle on zero % - someone must have snuck up and nudged my ship in the direction of the star… :grimacing:

I know. Reaches for pistol… :exploding_head:


OK - I got the choice of rebuying the AspX - which is very well modded and engineered - for about 1.4 million, and going all the way back to Polo Harbour.

Or getting a free Sidewinder at Assellus Primus.

So I am now back in the bubble and going back to my old haunt of FK5 2550. I sacrificed the Asp for a quick trip home. I exchanged the Sidey for a DBx - always liked the DBx, which I already have 80% modded to A class, with a nice big multi-cannon in the large slot and a couple of class 2 gimballed beam lasers in the other two slots - a 3 berth busniess cabin and 8 tons of cargo space, with the inevitable vehicle bay and fuel sccop :upside_down_face:

I’m content enough, considering. Iwas fed up of exploring and the trip home was looking like a never ending tunnel. I can always buy another AspX and get it tarted up just the same - I have 168 million in the bank, after all. I must admit, I was tempted to buy a 'Conda, but why? I have my Python and Imperial Clipper stored and ready for use and now the DBx - what more do I need?

So, when we gonna give these Thargs something to think about eh? :grin:


I finally got trading Elite, so off to Jameson’s Memorial at Founder World to get some AX stuff. I’ve not been, so might just try out a ‘AX scanner’, poke a T and run away. Anyone done that yet?