Elite Dangerous Thread


Well…do they have a flag?


I suggested @fearlessfrog let them know he didn’t have a flag.


Also, anybody want to fly out to the Guardian ruin sites later in the weekend? I’m curious about these now.


I could be down for that


So I was exploring today and came across a attacked prison ship

At first I didn’t notice the Tharagoid, it was out of site as I approached the station it started moving about. More concerning, I was scanning the debris around and found a occupied escape pod but it was really close to the Tharagoid. As I was maneuvering in to see if I could snag it the goid snatched it and warped off… so that can’t be good :fearful:


it was thargoid dinner time… mmmm yummy


@Andrew116 I’ll be in tomorrow evening, if you still want to head out to one of the Guardian sites. I kinda want to arm my Clipper now with Guardian weapons.


I should be around, drop me a line when your on.


…and apparently there’s a line of flaming Thargoid- infested hoops that need to be jumped through to do the Guardian thingies, and apparently it looks like I’d need a new ship.

I’m good. I think I’ll keep flying around the current system and seeing if I can get any good material loot from the megashipwrecks, then maybe go engineer some more things.


Yah, I’m debating heading back to the bubble to work on unlocking the engineers so I can get the acid resistant cargo racks to start messing about with some of the alien missions.


And I’m thinking I’m going to do the same, make some more money, and either get a Battle Conda or a Chieftain, especially as we’re seeing more Thargoid incursions in the bubble.

I’m about halfway back to Branglal right now - I kinda accidentally got a bounty when I was checking out one of the shipwrecks…


Also, let me know if you’d like to give this a shot:


Yep, be quick with those. I hear the Frontier Fun Police sirens in the distance with the nerf net! :policeman: :slight_smile:


New patch out Friday, so…


Finally got a promotion mission after sitting at 100% for months… so now I can visit Earth lol

This is not Earth though… I’m still far away.


Echo 419… Oh boy I do love that reference!


I’ve got a couple of wing missions going - I can add you in before I collect the rewards, if you’d like. Or you can come kill pirates with me if you’re interested!


I’m gonna have to jump in with you guys some time. I bought this on sale a few months ago with the DLC upgrades, and havent played it more than 5 minutes. Its a little overwhelming as a new player.


Let me know when you want to hop in some time. We can fly to meet you and help get you started.

Also, the training missions help a lot with making things less intimidating.


Did you guys come back to Branglal yet? I am thinking of dusting off my Keelback in the next few days…